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  1. And don't forget to add WoD challenge weapons to the shop, thank you!
  2. Yes, please add WoWCircle.
  3. What about AK? Will you increase cap to 55? And how long will it take, once per week or 3 days or even faster?
  4. Here's video as a proof 2:35 we can see that is 7.1.5 patch 7:33 920 itemlvl necklace. And qq for devs, are you gonna implement warforged/titanforged system to items from World Bosses? It's really important. Best regards.
  5. You mean no matter time we complete dungeon 1-3 chests it will contain ONLY 2+1 items?
  6. Drop rate for gear = 35%. But there's one thing I wonder why we still can't get warforged/titanforged from WB gear pieces.
  7. yeah, but seems like they don't care about " 1) With m+ released, it is already time you start selling first 15 artifact knowledge scrolls for order resources. New players will ditch you for other servers..." cuz it already reported like 2+months ago
  8. ^
  9. It's not actually bug, cuz Compendium count your current and AK notes in your bags, so that's why you get only 2 AK level from Compendium lvl1.
  10. I looted this hidden appearance by killing 10-15 rares, so it's just badluck I guess. Keep farming and you'll got it. Btw, there's only 2 of 3 appearance you can also unlock (100 dung's and 1000 hk) appearance with 200 WQ sadly does'nt work.
  11. After DC can't connect, again this message "Unable to connect...".