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  1. sethraliss

    yeah wow to mounts free to char lvl 110 start lvl up
  2. Date of April 1
  3. Please go Boris to April for Holydays to Date of April 1
  4. Please go Boris for April for Holydays
  5. Man please go update to Battle for Azeroth to 8.0.1 please no time for me and need BFA to Battle for Azeroth 8.0.1
  6. bfa

    when ready to BFA + download?
  7. bfa

    Nice BFA, when to download?
  8. Administrator please ask boris for Allies race
  9. nice
  10. So BFA will be 2019 in March or May
  11. For BFA to 2019
  12. Salut joci Allianta sau Horde?
  13. PLZZ Fixed legion to launcher for play legion and is bugged problem for not play plss
  14. Inveric please fixed to launcher for legion is problem to play for legion please fixed...