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  1. Ok, this will be harsh, sorry (kind-of)... First off, kudos to being the 1st to release Legion on a private server - quite a feat, but still... How did you guys determine that this expansion was ready for 'release'? This is realistically still an 'alpha' status by most standards - 'beta' at best. There are a large number of bugs in every zone that I've been in - so many that I can't imagine any competent QA would have missed them or deemed them acceptable. Several of them share similar gameplay mechanics, leading me to believe some core quest mechanics still need work. Levelling is a nightmare. I know you want people to donate and buy lvl 100, but have some pity/pride on content under that threshold... Are you trying to piss questers off, or just want them to grind mobs to gain XP? Every zone I've been in has bugs - some are so badly bugged that they're effectively unplayable. Want a shitty experience that will drive players away? That's #1 on the list. If you don't address this soon (or bump the XP rate to x7-x10), players will soon leave to whatever company releases the next private Legion realm that actually has a viable questing experience. Speaking of mobs...what's with that? Multiple mobs spawn where there should only be one, and when they all aggro, it's a guaranteed death. As far as levelling rates are concerned, what's with the gross disconnect between character XP rate (x5) and profession XP rate (x1)? From a player trying to level profs along with a toon, I have to spend 3x longer in a zone (or more) to keep my professions in line with my character level. Which brings me to my next issue - returning to your corpse. No flight-form when ghost and trying to return and respawn? In Outland, I can understand - even Northrend (to an extent), buy in Cata and beyond? That's insane. Speaking of critical issues, what's the deal with guilds? Create a guild, and GM gets 'removed' as soon as they log off. Guild bank is randomly wiping all items that have been stored. Calendar events don't work. How did this pass QA? What is the point of reporting bugs at this point? Several of these issues have been reported and up-voted already, but let me ask the question - wouldn't it be easier to report what ACTUALLY WORKS??? -Frustrated, ignored peon that hasn't paid Firestorm $$$ for stuff (yet).