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  1. Thing is they are focusing on vanilla, wod, wotlk and cata where people are really less playing, so they dont have time for legion to fix even a easy fix viz profession and the server where huge number of players are playing. Really I am amazed with the strategy of this damn server..
  2. In that case if you want to find the bug then you can try something like find a vendor who sells epics of legion and try to disenchant them, you might find the bug.
  3. Not a bug abuse mate even i have 200 crystal at the moment, besides that another thing can be possible if the guy is on higher ladder and spams arena and gains epic gears
  4. 1 advice... grow up kid.
  5. Anybody know how to fix interface freeze, probably my game is not freezing but my interface is, i can type things and can see it after using alt+tab. To fix the problem i have tried few things but it didn't help me :1) I have deleted the caches 2) Restarted PC 3) Deleted Interface file too. But still I am facing the problem, please help me to fix this problem.
  6. When I run wow, the game freezes and doesn't unfreeze at any cost. Please give me a fix.
  7. client-side mods

    Well i have tested it, it works very fine cool thing is you can get red orc andorc that looks like nerzhul
  8. well use orc's starting zone..
  9. client-side mods

    I am 80% sure they will not allow to use this model mod.
  10. client-side mods

    This looks good but dont know if they will allow to use this mod also dont know if you can call it a legal or illegal for this server, lets wait for a server staff to reply on this post.
  11. That comment is old bro, now i do see many poison bomb ticks but not that many that poison bomb is making any highest damage from rest of the damaging spells.
  12. Well, outlaw is not combat rogue so outlaw dont need mastery at all it needs crit and versa in terms of pve and for pvp you need nothing cuz you dont have any control over your stat so please use a better sense in this case, also killing a healers isnt a tough job for any rogue spec but some classes like Monk, Priest, DK and paladin are bug and the PVP tamplates for them is seriously bug, all these classes are making other class shit and that slice and dice is crap aswell better use Roll the bones, its far better besides that you should know that every buffs from roll the bones has its own unique use in any environment. And where the hell is your artifact weapon?
  13. Oh well i have never seen a single poison bomb ticking.
  14. Well i tried assasination spec aswell, i have all 3 golden traits but the thing is it isnt doing any better than outlaw.
  15. While playing wow if you face any technical problem first delete Cache and then check. After that you do not have to write any ticket to GM.