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  1. Event was fun in general, I don't see why are you guys complaining.
  2. Hey @Neonyn, As @Maxxin said on the previous post you can use character unstuck option from our website here, or if that doesn't work you can always open a ticket to Game Master who will be able to resurrect you. How to open a ticket? It's good you asked! Just open game menu (Esc), go to Help, go to Open a Ticket, write your ticket and submit it. Now, everything you have to do is to sit and wait in-game for a Game Master to reply. Best regards, ~Senior Game Master Lazarius.
  3. Greetings, As someone already mentioned, first report which is marked invalid is answered by Trial Game Master. You should have in mind that Trial Game Masters often make mistakes, that way they can learn what they should and what they shouldn't do. They aren't called Trial Game Masters without a reason. They just don't have much experience as game masters so we give them time to learn. And before they learn, head staff and other game masters with more experience will always be there to guide them and tell them what is right and what isn't. I will now close this topic and archive it as it is inappropriate for forums. Regards, ~Senior Game Master Lazarius.
  4. Greetings, If you have black character screen please delete your cache folder and restart the game. Regards, ~Game Master Lazarius.
  5. Greetings, Firestorm haven't planned to implement a new realm on our Legion expansion, or at least not yet. Regards, ~Game Master Lazarius.
  6. Closed and archived.
  7. Greetings @DrSandwich, I understand your concern, but there is nothing we can do about it for now. Administrators are the only ones who can review suggestions, so it takes more time to do them. Only Game Master who banned a player can answer his suspension appeal and that makes total mess. And believe me, I enjoy spending my time on forum and moderating it more than doing in-game tickets. Anyways, if you think forum moderators don't do their job properly you can always apply to become one and change that. Best regards, ~Game Master Lazarius.
  8. I don't see why this is a thing. Everyone who knows me knows that I'm the best GM on Firestorm, without a doubt!
  9. Greetings, Forum isn't a place to report in-game issues (Bugs). Please, make a report on Firestorm Bug Tracker here. Best regards, ~Game Master Lazarius.
  10. Greetings, Sadly, this is not possible as Tournament is fun realm and some things on it are much easier to get that on other realms. It would be unfair to other Firestorm players if this was possible. Regards, ~Game Master Lazarius.
  11. It is not possible to join the game with old pandashan launcher anymore. You should install new Firestorm launcher.
  12. Greetings @nekro, I guess you have some point and you are totally right, but you should understand that Firestorm isn't Blizzard.. We're private server and on private servers you can find lots of in-game issues. We're also in lack of staff members and we need more developers so we can fix those issues faster. Also, I need to point out that Game Masters and Administrators aren't those who fix in-game bugs, it's developer's job. Regards, ~Game Master Lazarius.
  13. You know that feeling when you start doing something and then you figure out you are still on ... 0?!
  14. Banned @Blatancy for raising a rebellion against Firestorm and its staff! Raising a rebellion: This includes rebellions on forum, or in-game. Every rebellion leader will be punished strictly according to code of conduct. Punishment: Permanent account suspension.