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  1. It means that your currently equipped average item level is 945, but in your bags you have items with higher item level and if you equip them your item level will go up to 959.
  2. All of these are generic WoW questions, they are not specific to Firestorm WoW, so I suggest you to read some content about wow itself, and specifically Legion expansion. Since you're new to the game I do not suggest you to start playing on Greymane which is PvP instant level server. It would be better if you play on Sylvanas and level you character from 1 to 110 level. This way you will gradually learn a lot of stuff just while leveling and once you hit 110 you base knowledge for the game will be much more.
  3. If you were Horde pandaren, then it should be possible
  4. The core of the guild contains skilled, disciplined, forgiving and one of their most important part of character is honesty. These guys would never try to benefit higher ranked members during raids, like giving loots to whoever is interested in, whispering to each other if they need the given item and so on. Not needed loot is always rolled to everyone, and higher ranks do not have priority over the roll. The core of the guild know how to create just the perfect atmosphere for raiding to make all raid players comfortable during the guild run and enjoy their play time. If you're looking for not overloaded english speaking guild which have the ability and the leaders for endgame content, this is the guild. For final, I will just share a story that I haven't seen anywhere for all the years I've been playing WoW: A couple of months ago I joined this guild, I was still gearing and preparing my character for Antorus normal guild run. The time when I joined was just when last wing of Antorus was going to be released, and the day when I had to join my first guild run was exactly the day when the last wing got released. Although I was not part of the group that was racing last 2 bosses on normal, I got invited for the 2nd raid which happened in the same day when last wing was released, after the core group killed all bosses on the core run. Then we gather for 2nd run, we reached Aggramar, and we started the encounter. In the middle of the fight the boss got bugged somehow, and he literally became training dummy - no spells, no damage... As soon as one of our raid leaders saw what happened, he immediately said "Everyone jump off the platform and wipe this, we are not killing bosses using unfair methods!" - So as I said honesty is one of the most important core stamp of our leaders.
  5. addons

    Are you sure you downloaded the proper version of the addons?
  6. What are we looking here mate?
  7. I think these are not some server regions, but just ingame localization.
  8. I'd slap the sh*t out of you if you were right in front of me. You just came here crying like a little baby not even trying to ask for help for YOUR goddamn game problem, because I've never had any issue to login in the legion server. And black screen in the game really sounds like problem with YOUR game, not with the server. So get your sh*t together, pack your bags, and get the fu*k out of here if you want. This is one of the best legion private servers, so good luck in finding better one with more released content. Prick!
  9. Remember that probably most of the people that picked Legion are here for the PvE, not the PvP since the PvP on legion is crap in my honest opinion.
  10. So edgy as your guild name.
  11. Hey smart pants, I wonder how exactly you generate profit for the server when you're not spending money on it? My idea is that the server is free, nobody have obligations to provide totally bug free game. So be grateful, because if there were not the boys behind FS, we wouldn't be able to hop on Antorus I kill Argus right at me moment for free, you get this right?
  12. Мисля, че прогреса за сравнително нов, не интернационален гилд е страхотен. Айде по-близо да се обличам подходящо за HC и да помагам, както мога... или вие да ми помагате
  13. I will not insert private servers names, but in the last private wotlk server I've played ulduar was working properly with everything that comes on your mind, believe or no.
  14. Man, I didn't point the WotlK in FS, but as whole. WotlK is so old expansion and the time was enough to have plenty of private servers that have really blizzlike wotlk realms. In the same situation if you have the same year development on Legion it will eventually become bugless like wotlk. I hope you get my idea now.
  15. Stop crying about the quality please, it's a goddamn free game in this case so you have no right to b*tch about it. This is not WotlK realm, which is 10 years old and everything is fixed, don't forget that FS supported Legion even while retail was on Legion also, so you had chance to play and progress through the latest content for 0$. Yes there are bugs, but you have a A LOT of working content, you have working raids, quests and so on. Firestorm don't have the developers count as blizzard so you cannot expect the same quality for the given time we have Legion. But the quality is good enough for 0$/month, right? Also I doubt you will find other private Legion server with better quality, but if you find, I believe nobody is holding you here against your will. tl;dr - Stop crying and be grateful for what FS gives you for 0$/month.