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  1. I am finding it very hard to earn any gold cuz almost all profs are bug..
  2. Is any spec of rogue doin any good in PVE I am asking because i dont see any spec of rogue is doing stable 300k+ DPS, well my finisher move like run through is sometimes doing less damage like when i am using run through on 6 combo points it sometimes hit 330k-350k but it should do more than that with 6 combo points but it suppose to do more than that. Please help me out with this problem maybe I am doing something wrong with the spec. You can check my armory and some evidance of doing low dps. (My stats ) ( You can check my dps and minimum damage that run through hitted) ( The damage that run through should hit ) Maybe I am wrong in understanding this problem of run through's damage. Please correct me.
  3. Man, this is legion not mop, cata, etc.... it doesn't matter if there's no loot in the corpse. It will always be red cause its personal loot. When you kill a normal mob, ( even if he doesn't have a loot ) have you ever seen its nameplate to be grey in color?
  4. Man the corpse was grey and unlootable, like i never killed it and you mean its normal?
  5. Not even gold?
  6. Just drop this idea it just doesn't fit for this game.
  7. Well when i killed the boss even with the quest the corpse was grey can you explain why and will i get any loot if i dont have the quest even i haven't loot the boss, hope I will get the proper answer.
  8. Nobody will answer this topic don't worry.
  9. sure 1 more thing that felhide has a chance to get from, one of my friend had it name is uraanos
  10. rogue

    As a Outlaw well i can keep my dps 200k+ always, probably because i know how to use all buffs properly which you get from roll the bones, but also there are some classes who are doing more than 300k+ reason is their golden trait is fixed like warrior, dh, shaman ( broken ) and paladin but rogues never got even a single golden trait fix not even for, seems like this server really hates rogue also for better dps also assa performs very well, so we cant do anything right naw until and unless we dont take steps to get the job done.
  11. check wowhead/youtube for rare mobs in azsuna.
  12. 30% isnt really that much, even though i am not a VIP member still its fine, just do your research.
  13. But there are multiple PCs and Laptops :3, also some of them can get some good hands on college/scholl PCs by just becoming teacher's pet or he/she can use other's PC too... there are tonnes of ways to abuse it just dont think it in small number.