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  1. thanks! and likewise
  2. with the artifact weapon unequipped and in my bags while in the spec and relogging and re-eqipping it again did indeed solve my problem....many thanks to you.../tips hat
  3. thanks for your input i will try that and post results.
  4. i was able to get 1 rank in two different traits however i could not get more than 1 rank so i relogged and lost the ranks i bought but look at my AP amount its less. so it used up some of my AP but still unable to purchase traits.
  5. thanks i will try that and post results.
  6. hi i have a problem with Mistweaver Spec when I try to add any Traits nothing happens. I have over 972M Artifact Power and all 3 Relics however i cannot add a single trait. whenever i try to add traits nothing happens. I am able to add traits to Windwalker and Brewmaster without any problems however Mistweaver Spec will not allow me to....please help. Character name Kungfubich
  7. unable to connect to server....seems to be down