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  1. Locked due to drama, punishments will be handed out when appropriate.
  2. Post locked due to unessecary drama
  3. Greetings The Legion staff (international) does not ban for either one of these bugs, they banned for the invisibility bug for a while since we didnt quite know how to reproduce it. However, they no longer ban for it since as you said its a server side (random) bug. I hope this answers your concerns. regards, Head GM Clegane.
  4. I'll leave the post open for a while if you'd like @tweek
  5. To add: @DrSandwich please try to be more respectful. The way you word your sentences makes them come across quite rude, I know it's not intended, but still.
  6. In Mists of Pandaria a lot of players have gotten the Legendary back by completing the quests/ raids necessary. Now to add, I haven't played on Mists of Pandaria in a while (With that I mean fully dedicated) so I'm not sure if that changed. All I know is, the cloak was (and perhaps still is) obtainable. On WoD, I can't say anything since I do not play there at all. Legion, they will most likely focus on releasing dungeons, WQ's etc. before the legendaries. But it really depends. Regards, Head Game Master Clegane - Garrosh
  7. Moved to archive. Thank you @Enrico for giving him the link
  8. Merry christmas!
  9. Post locked and archived due to insultive nature
  10. Greetings! Firestorm indeed has Game Masters, however we're all volunteers so we're not online 24/7. Have a nice day! -Topic closed.