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  1. Just an average sylvanas random crying over something bugged instead of reporting it properly to the bugtracker...
  2. Title: Adding missing WoD Challenger items to webshop Type: Shop Description:  Actually, there are 2 shields missing from the website shop for WoD Challenger items on legion shop. their IDS are http://www.wowhead.com/item=118407/face-of-the-guardian http://www.wowhead.com/item=118410/tesseract-timepiece The only existing shield on the website shop is under the Fun items section for a price set of 30 Golden points or 130 silver points. Wish the 2 missing could be added there to be able to fit 'em on my different tmog styles. Thanks.
  3. Hey there, I'd love to ask the staff if you could create a webhook for discord that we could use on our own servers so whenever you post any update on forums/website of the server we could see them directly announced on our servers rather than having to wait till the Community Managers had to post it on the discord channel of Firestorm server. Also if there's one already created, could I have the info needed to add it on my discord server? Kind regards, Enni.
  4. So, I'd like to know if there's any golden trait working for MM hunter and wich would be worthy picking at first
  5. After the reset for an update, got into MoS, pulled a bunch of mobs, and got killed in 1 shot. not even a chance of popping up any deffensive cd. Not even by abilities, just normal autoatacks. Got to pull the boss, and he didn't even hit a quarter of the dmg the mobs did. Skelletons popped up on Ymiron, then they r*ped my ass out in a few seconds. Trying to deffend myself with shield block and ignore pain was useless since a 1M absorb shield was gone in 3 hits and blocking an attack from those skelletons would even take half my hp away(2.4M total HP) I'm not even undergeared, neither unexperienced to the dungs we've got here to do and I guess that dmg ain't anithing close to the dmg they actually should be doing. It felt like I was going with 600ilvl gear onto a myth raid instead of 830+ on an Heroic dung, wich shouldn't cause much trouble to a 830+ilvled group. Anyone having a clue on this problem and when could it be fixed?