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  1. Thanks Criste..! We are now waiting for GM to respond :)
  2. PROBLEM : What's happening ,someone obviosly screws me in here.! First i write my problem in Ticket.After which GM tells me we can not do anything ,report to bugtracker .I'm registering there and there telling me GM is not that for bugtracker signing up for a forum ? WTF??? PROBLEM IS : I had a legendary neck . I collected a 50x essence to improve the item at 940.When i collected 50/50 i went to finish the quest ,i got an item that improves the item to 940 and did it.I looked at my neck ,it was 940 and everything was ok.After that ,i went to BG ,played it and got out.When i looked again my neck was not there ,only an empty field.I have the picture as evidence that i had a neck. This is not the first time that my items are gone ,and it's really not pleasant.! I'll put a picture! Please rescue this as soon as possible!