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  1. No ETA when 7.3.5 will come out???
  2. How are you going to implement Legion Pathfinder? Is it going to be the same as Dreanor Pathfinder?
  3. I bought a loot box with loyalty points but didnt get the loot box for my character. Pls fix it quickly and give me the due loot box or refund the loyalty points.
  4. The bigger news is release of patch 7.3?
  5. I have bought some appearances from shop. But not all of those appearances are shared in account. Some are available in other characters some are not. Is it bugg or intended?
  6. In legion it is possible to lvl up BS from 1-800 in legion zones. For this i need to complete a quest called Strange new ores. But Dalaran Blacksmith trainers dont give it.
  7. Its been quite a while since we are on this patch. Upgrade to 7.2.5 so we can fly. and why Heart of Fear isnt working anymore?