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  1. Hello everyone im just wondering why didnt anyone solved the rogue bug that exists when you activate stealth and a few seconds later stealth magically disappears out of no where... mind you that im not taking damage, diseases, poisons etc... it just disappears... im posting this here since this forum is confusing as shit and i didnt know where to post
  2. Just started this topic to see if anyone can help me here since i am extremely confused with whats going on... Lately i´ve been noticing a massive influx of low level players entering battlegrounds while the Horde has pretty balanced and decent teams overall and you can tell they arent doing pre mades since i often see a lot of low level players on horde but they win most of the times, simply because they seem to have a better strategy and know how to team play... Alliance players just enter BG either to just PVP or to ruin other players experience im going to show you what im talking about First ive been getting a lot of these "jokers" on battlegrounds they just enter to ruin others gameplay,Period then ive been getting these laughable teams My preposition is... cant you guys make a minimum required item level before entering BGs ? like 450 minimum ? I couldnt care less if people have gold to buy the equipment or not, just go farm for gold like i did and get a decent equipment before entering, hell, ive seen guys with no trinkets, no back and no weapons entering BGs just to ruin the whole BG for the rest of the group i dont think that its fair for players like me that want to play seriously... i dont care about losing once or twice but when you are on a current 27 losing streak and only get these "teams" thats becoming a problem. I really hope that someone PLEASE DO SOMETHING ABOUT THIS!
  3. all hunters are shit to be honest extremely easy to deal with ... im more about playing against healers in arenas, im sick and tired of not winning a single arena either because players with 50 million HP show up or healers constantly healing in arenas but its funny because i cant drink a single potion in arenas but healers can spam and spam and spam heal everywhere... remove healers from arenas please
  4. but thats the problem i dont want to Q with an healer im just sick and tired of people suck on healers titties to survive on arenas... make it fair... either go 2 tanks or dps or make healers unavailable to Q against 2 players that dont have healers
  5. Title: Arenas Type: In-game Description: Hello boys and girls im here to suggest something that has been really bothering me for a while now not only me but other players aswell... Im talking about the server Garrosh (MOP) where its utterly impossible to win any arena because there are healers "spamming" health buttons because thats literally what they do, it is extremely unbalanced for most players... my suggestion is removing all healers from arenas, its just not fair for others... a while ago i was doing an arena with a friend and our opponents were a warlock almost fully conquest equipped (750k) HP which is already hard enough to kill but not only that , he was with a priest shooting HP out of his ass like rain ... its impossible to do something against healers in arenas even if you 2 attack at the same time, the time you take to kill the healer , you or your friend are already dead... when i say removing healers from arenas i dont mean remove them permanently i mean removing them against non healers and make them battle another healers, because lets be honest if i cant drink a regular potion to increase my HP or any other stat why should they be getting healed in arenas ? its extremely unbalanced for players that do arenas with no healers ... lets be fair .. you want to puss and bring your healer friend ? very well but you must play against other healers aswell... thats fair, not getting into an arena and i see my opponents are 2 healers like what the fuck ? hows that even fair ? please someone do something about this its getting pretty frustrating.. to wrap it all up, anyone that has healer spec enabled MUST battle other healers... simple as that