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  1. i figured out how to join, now the problem is how to donate for lvl, i try to send some cash by sms but only message i achieve is not delivered, any solution for that issue?
  2. When i click play i have to choose region Europe/North America but nothing happen after all and cant proceed in next stage when i launch a game, any advice ?
  3. primodrial saronite jest czesciowo polska, a tak to watpie czy znadziecie dosc polakow aby utworzyc dosc duza gildie
  4. sylvanas

    hmm maybe next time put some extra ap items or loot chests in order to encourage ppl to test
  6. and what kind of content u want to release* ? more quests ? old content? tertiary pvp talents? side activities? and its not like they work at 1 thing...
  7. but 1st post saying that weekly will will receive base 880 and Bestial confirmed it in last post, so decide guys
  8. no i meant by +15, weekly chest mechanic: a) before update you have 865ilvl from chest titanforged by +15 ilvl to 880 (from +10 mythic or better), so in theory u still have chance to get 885 from chest but you need 4 proc of forged to reach it b)after update you have 880 from weekly chest, so it will be much easier to get (still from +10 or +15 mythic weekly ) better item as it used to be since 880 will be base, not titanforged, in theory you weekly chest will be able to give you 895 ilvl item if you get some luck About drop from mythic itself, as it was mentioned in 1st post, it will go up to 875 for +15 dungeon giving more endgame and making every dungeon over +10 useful up to +15, at least how i understood it.
  9. ya man but item with +15 is harder to proc than base, so its nice change
  10. ya base 880 ilvl not 865+15 as it used to be
  11. yes we need like 100-150% boost, i cant insult ppl properly and call them noobs with current healing, we miss humiliate aspect. At topic dunno i could do 100k healing easily if i have constant heavy fights, but if we search for a problem maybe its balance int bug, this old one or druids overuse some resto bug (hmm seed maybe or golden). Still bullshit that u were 15 dps lul (8-2 dps-heal ratio), druid could heal up or any healer lul these 2M asap but usually if he do it its some cd, if u waste your cds on it, its your fault and bear form will be walking tank until 7.2. Also horde as i see had like 3 proper dps (more or less) other ppl were just damn low.
  12. Cordana seems to vanish asap when you remove shield making dps her hard, i mean she switch too fast between "wall" phase and removed shield+avatars
  13. Ehh, i did 3 runs 2nd had much lower dps, Mortar worked fine as said, but at 1st run he didnt throw even one, maybe they hotfixed it... thought about it? 1 protip read next posts as updates of previous one, excluding last boss which need some fixes to works properly.
  14. DH boss seems more fine now but still Dark strike is garbage attack Iquisitor fine, maybe adds missing some spells Ash Golm Lava Wreath didnt spread and disappeared after 1-2 sec, fissure works, still no idea about 3 monuments even for rdf we had too much dps Glazer seems fine Cordana Avatars had 47kk health but are not vulnerable to light so ya gl with killing it with low party, also had sometimes problems with revealing boss, as result boss had shield mechanic stopped at some moment and we had only 10-15kk hp with cordana shield reduction to down (90% ?), also at wowpedia Cordana hp for heroic should be 50 M, we had 63 or 65 M version which is proper for mythic. (possibility of wrong hp for more monsters , same for dmg)
  15. DH boss he for sure dont drop meteors albo his glaive toss stuck at other side of fountain in room, confirmed low dmg for Dark Strike, confirm that he transform properly but transform is like 1-3 sec long and he switched. maybe due to dps. Iquisitor seems better 2nd try didnt notice spam of too many eyes Ash golm had Lava wreath, still group had too high dps for him Glazer had mirror phase, but noticed that Pulse orbs stacked in pack of 5 and didnt split or just went far away from platform so we had less aoe Cordana confirmed she miss adds, this time no spam of glaives but kinda missed it a bit, she dont teleport and dont hide away from party when losing hp, also what i said above that light mechanic dont remove aoe and aoe dont grow