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  1. not work
  2. NOW i enter my username and password and hit enter the game and choose the realm, but whichever realm i choose and try to enter the game stops at "logging into game server" and stay there for like 5 to 10 minutes and them returns to the "realm choices window" why?
  3. I downloaded this version of the game and download minimal client... but i need a VPN for play if i use the vpn, it happens: blz51914001 how can i play wow 7.3.5 without vpn
  4. hi i cant join bg i click on join and waiting for start bg but bg not start and i cant join bg
  5. Hi sorry my english is bad i have an error in wod service: WOWDOWNLOAD_NOT_FOUND. URL: error downloading version data from patch service service: WOWDOWNLOAD_NOT_FOUND. URL: help me please i cant play in this server...