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  1. china

    祝你好運 我愛中國
  2. Thx for your help anyway
  3. i do 1m end combat with affli a ursoc and i have 36 trait
  4. i paly lock i have 54 trait in dest do 600k+ and i have 36 trait affli do 800k probleme i dont want to play with class cheaté (affli lock bug+) and this not logic dot 1m5 dmg par tick
  5. if y see 700k and 800k dps her with 880+ ilv this not balanced in officiel have 890+ ilv and bonus set t19 and do max dps 800k
  6. he don't use the eoa trinket i have lock i konw unestable affliction bug+ dmg
  7. in this video unestable affliction do 580k cc and 240k hit
  8. unestable affliction so balance dmg 650k normal hit and 1m6 cc okkkkkkkk
  9. but in my video dont use trinket and i take reduction degat