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  1. Yeah, like the ninja critical nerf, which was basically, creating "artificial difficulty" in preparation to the Mythic EN, so it looks like a bigger release/threat and people take longer to dominate
  2. Last week you could kill majordomo, it was just raggy whose wouldnt spawn (and Ryolith not giving any loot)
  3. You serious? well now those are good news! Some of my hype died along the way (still), but believe me when i sincerelly say: thank you, the update (barring the bugs here and there, that everyone must comprehend may happen) is a total success (at least from me) now that you gonna add the time reduction Again, thank you, and hope it applies to the work orders already "in progress" lol (i have 1 which like, 1 day and a half left and the other one that hasnt started but it's already "ordered", you know what i mean, i dont mind the former, but hope it applies for the later!)
  4. Yeah, the 4 hours timer is for a later patch, BUT, when the catch up mechanic got implemented for the first time in retail, they reduced the research time from 5 days to 3 days, why isnt that part implemented? i mean, since we are being picky with patches and all ~
  5. So, as i expected (as i said on my first post, 35mins from the announcement), they only implemented the AK quest up to level 15, instead of 25 (even when they are working on implementing the 2 Legendary slot, which puts any new player or alt further behind) but, did they at least reduce the time that takes for the AK researches like Blizzard did? or is it still 5 days? (it was reduced to 3 days at that time, and it's now like 4 hours on retail, currently)
  6. Was super hyped about the next update (and checking forums constantly) because i thought one of the priorities was the AK catch-up quest ~ guess it's back to login in just to do argent tournament (which still has some bugged mounts, sadly) quests and login out until then, with my luck, will probably be +2 months when it wont matter anymore (or if it's soon, it wont let you boost to 25 like it should)
  7. That's why we were landing on the loot-less Vault of the Wardens for more than 1 week until it finally got removed
  8. legion/sylvanas

    This is particulary frustrating I, for example, reported Divine Hammer (the paladin talent) lasting half it's duration (the skill is supposed to ALWAYS have the same duration as it has CD, both modified by haste to always stay like that), but right now it's fading at about 6 seconds, giving it 6 secs CD (without any haste, since base is 12), and that shouldnt be intended behavior....but guess what? the report just got deleted, even though it was not repeated or anything (nobody has reported it besides me)
  9. legion/sylvanas

    Just implementing the quest "Knowledge is Power" quest would be enough, it's sincerelly frustrating to wait 5 days for 1 single AK level This is exactly why i have 0 interest of even making a second char, and what drives me to the point of just logging to do my Argent Tournament dailies, Tol Barad (both things are for mounts) and then just log off, most of the times without even running a daily HC or BG
  10. But do those quests work at all? I've tried to do some, doing only 1 mission at a time, with 3 followers, missions are usually above 100% success rate, and they still give me no rewards No matter if i click on "next" or if i press spacebar, on the next window, when i try to open the chest, nothing pops up, i close the window and the mission is still there and i can do this an infinite ammount of times, until i relog then the mission dissapears (note: the mission does NOT dissapear while it's in progress or when it's finished, it only dissapears until i click on it to verify the results/pick up the loot and then relog)
  11. That's most likely not lag, but low FPS, which happens because your PC can't handle the game On my old PC i had the same problem on Dalaran, Azsuna, etc, massive FPS loss (dropped to 5-10), on my new PC, i get 90FPS at Dalaran