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  1. This is so not cool 😂
  2. @Cigatronix pls halp
  3. If they give me back my guild. I was innactive and some random took the lead and I can't even make a ticket. And I just did BG, i suck much atm lmao
  4. I'm game.
  5. Same in raids and in PvP. First in the day Arena or BG or raid it drops to 3fps, all after that (after i die or lose, ofc) it's fine
  6. RPing WoD?
  7. lol! I love Awox too, give it!
  8. guild

    Are you still alive, guys? Damn, I miss good old PvP days on MoP. Goodluck <3
  9. game

    I don't think so....
  10. https://firestorm-servers.com/us/report/index
  11. Thank you for your kind words. I started a month ago on legion. Life was urban and stressful since, so I've decided to play and stay home for awhile, so I looked for the old gang. I hope it will not happen again to your country. I'm glad you are happy and doing what you love. Are you thinking of coming back for small talks in game? Stay safe!
  12. You're safe and sound! I was bit worried after I heard about those scary winds in Dominican Republic. Good to know you're doing well! Take care, cheers.
  13. I drop my attitude and intelligence for you :*
  14. Should let us cut/paste one char oops, just saw we get 110lvl with 840ilvl. that's even higher ilvl i have rn okay okay thanks firestorm fix alliance's DCs from BGs, thanks