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  1. I can't believe I didn't see this until now, either. I miss you, mate. Everything you wrote just pumped me up In my heart and soul I have felt a small cramp All of you I still miss Even still I wish some of them get a lil' face piss I'll never forget the time of Candlenor When he was screwed by big boi Velanor That guy was truly remarkable in all he was, but the honesty and outlandish here does not have a pass Blacki and those two kids highest rated in 2v2 yall remember Priest and Mage tought me how to play and be good as them too But they screwed the community and people have left when they made a Firestorm page Didn't talk nor write on English for almost a year Will get back with more if anyone is still here
  2. yeah. Then I would come back definitely
  3. hahaha lyt, sweetasspumpkin <3 I ain't talking to nobody lately Miss the MoP time, a lot
  4. ah the memories with Roasted Tauren ❤️
  5. guild

  6. This is so not cool 😂
  7. @Cigatronix pls halp
  8. If they give me back my guild. I was innactive and some random took the lead and I can't even make a ticket. And I just did BG, i suck much atm lmao
  9. I'm game.
  10. Same in raids and in PvP. First in the day Arena or BG or raid it drops to 3fps, all after that (after i die or lose, ofc) it's fine
  11. Quoted: first navigate to your world of warcraft folder, make sure the game is closed. head over to the main folder and see if there's a cache folder, if there is any, delete it. after that enter the WTF folder open the FS735 as notepad and make sure on the first line there's written: SET Portal "legion.logon.firestorm-servers.com" then click save, after that right click on the wow folder and uncheck read-only completely then enter the folder again right click the -64.exe and hit run as administrator and in game, don't login just yet click System head to resolution click the largest you can and then head over to Network and click optimize network for speed
  12. lol! I love Awox too, give it!
  13. Did you download https://nofile.io/f/JyUwWqRKpNy/World+of+Warcraft+7.3.5+Patch+-+Firestorm.zip ?