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  1. Well one eternity later, classes are still not balanced, I mean they never will be, np, there surely is going to be some wiggle room, but let us reasses the current monk DPS situation by the following situation: Monk DPS sux, everyone knows it, Monks are the last class choice for M+ groups, as even when rotated correctly, effectively, etc they top out at 350k single target, and those are good ones like 880 people potting and all. That is a level of dps 850 warrior can pull. Would you think monks are at least strong AoE wise? think again, warrior, DH, DK outperforms them by a large margin. What is there to be done about it?
  2. rogue

    Hello, I am creating this topic to dicuss state of the roguecraft on this server. For general guidelines refer to http://www.icy-veins.com/wow/class-guides Based on my current experience best dps and probably pvp spec is outlaw, which probably works the most. While other specs leave higher numbers to be desired. I personally struggle to reach 140Kish dps and I don't know many who can do much better, but then I don't know many people. Assa seems to be recently nerfed heavily and performs poorly. Subtetly can hold 100K dps, but the mastery seems not to be working (finishers do dmg similar to outlaw in spite of 67% dmg bonus for instance)