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  1. download while play is best way for me i just download the launcher and i leave it download.. now i can play fine
  2. its pve server other server is pvp
  3. up
  4. Firestorm system is not fair cuz some player got 6 legendary and some cant got 1 legendary
  5. want to sell it
  6. affliction

    is fixed yesss i love aff now
  7. i delete file ( data ) by wrong is no way to back it ?
  8. ur class hell map
  9. exactly .. i see that too the rate is changed i can loot gold and art power only
  10. WTF

    why server is full disconnect ?! we need to know !!!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. Last *
  12. before last update i can loot from 1 dungeon ( HC ) 4 or 5 gears lv 830 / 835 .. and 1 Gear 840 / 845 but not all the time after lat update i just take things worthless .. i do like 10 dung i have 2 account so what this is mean ?! the rate is changed ?!
  13. guys stop that .. this team give us good time`s becuz they make good game .. now we shrink to him beuz they need make some money .. i dont see any problem .. if he make sell gears i`ll leave but make only inc rate for honor and artif point 30 % we make that no problem :v
  14. i complete all achievement for this mount but i dont have quests reward in my mailbox to buy this mount and cant buy it from npc please help !!