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  1. same here
  2. i cant enter to sylvanas i hope if u fix it guys alot of players have same problem
  3. no .. u can lv up to 110 its free server
  4. try this in game /console floatingcombatTextCombatdamage 1
  5. yes i have this problem too
  6. Howdy folks, this is a reminder that there will be scheduled maintenance on Sylvanas in about one hour to apply the fixes and restore the lost reputation, mounts, titles, and achievements. Do not panic, we'll let you know when the realm is back!
  7. ?!
  8. make sure your exp rate is x3
  9. comon gm give them his mount
  10. game

    yo yo
  11. for report bugs
  12. download while play is best way for me i just download the launcher and i leave it download.. now i can play fine
  13. this event will end tonight ?!
  14. the 4 eggs
  15. who got legendary from new eggs ?!
  16. any news ?!
  17. Northshire - in the water feature where elwyyn and northshire meet i cant find it pls tell me more about it
  18. its pve server other server is pvp
  19. up
  20. legendary

    Firestorm system is not fair cuz some player got 6 legendary and some cant got 1 legendary