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  1. Means u are not trying hard enough i got 13 legendaries from playing on this server for a year and 3 months (legendaries werent out in the start even) so thats atleast once monthly . Where did u get the info that u should get a new legendary weekly LMAO "Bad or good"
  2. u can unstuck on the site the same thing happend to me but not from sewers
  3. Same thing happened to me but not with heals but the tiger palms in arena...
  4. 61 days on 110 actually thats why im 890, 54/42/35 traits with 9 legendaries show us a ss of your dungeons, raids, pvp done and it will explain why u dont have 1
  5. Lol because u have no right to complain, if u actually do a good amount of dungs, pvp, raids u would have atleast 2 in 15 days
  6. why does play time have to equal amount of legendaries u have? U can afk for 15 days in dalaran and it means u should get a legendary? Show us your statistics for dungeons done, bg's arenas etc... i have 9 legendaries with 60 days played
  7. Prestige World Wide Prestige world wide is a semi hardcore guild with a small but helpful, engaging community with high experienced raiders, pvpers that are always able to help in need. We're currently recruiting serious raiders(860+ ilvl, knowledge of strategies for raids, mandatory discord for voice communication during the raid) which are interested in doing full Heroic Emerald nightmare clears. We're in need of healers, dps and 1 offtank. We raid on fridays/saturdays 5-6pm server time. For voice communication during the raid, dungeons, bgs or any other activity within the guild we offer our discord server with channels for each class that offer guides, different builds from our guild class masters. For an invite to the guild u are required to leave your ingame name, ilvl, number of traits in a comment below. If u want to check out some of our work on the youtube channel(We had problems with some of the recording software recently but we got it fixed so more videos are gonna be coming out): Heroic Cenarius: Our pvp video: Heroic Xavius:
  8. U play 2 hours a day but u have 13.5k kills... lol Also all my legendaries i got are from m+ and u the one that does pvp didnt get one... Do u not see something weird here? I do play every day but not 15 hours a day its more like 4-5 bcz of final exams
  9. None of your gear is from m+'s... so u either are doing 1 chest low lvls or smth... also im getting legendaries from level 10's not lvl 4's
  10. "u dont have" because u havent done a single m+ which i can see from your armory... or u did +2
  11. Seems like mythic+ has a really high chance of dropping them cause all 3 i got are from m+
  12. I play about 4 hours a day and i got 3 legendaries in 3 days, which isnt rly an entire day
  13. getting 3 legendaries in 3 days isnt luck
  14. because u didnt even get to mythic+ which is where all the legendaries i got dropped... im the one hurte's talking about in the first post even tho all of these legendaries arent as good