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  1. I know, right! disrespectful
  2. Too much spam kids
  3. @kandyce Dear retarded idiot, they closed the Tournament-Realm only because of one reason. I heared the old Admin made shit and used his spot for bad things. Our point is, we want to make that dead server to a Fun-Realm [PvP] because PvE is useless and even more dead than PvP. xoxo
  4. Thats clearly all i want
  5. Maybe you will finally finish the WoD season.
  6. Greetings, I wanted to ask, if and when the Arena season from Warlords of Dreanor (Gul'dan) will end? -Carelinee
  7. Greetings, I just wanted to ask. When will the Warlords of Dreanor end? - Carelinee
  8. Heey, I have a question. When will the WoD Season ends? Because the Firestorm Team, said 4 months ago. The Next Season will end after 4 months. And now 4 months are over... -Vanessa
  9. Dear, Firestorm-Team. I have a question about this Season. I wanted to ask when this Season will end? Thats it :3 -Carelinee