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  1. Its really sad that we won't be able to transfer our Greymane characters from Legion to BfA. People were farming their titles,transmogs,entchants etc. for nothing. Seems not fair, I understand that it's not fair to transfert them to BfA since we all have got good gear etc. But still, it's very unfortunate that we lose all the farmed things.
  2. It should already be transfered
  3. I guess, just do quests, or dungeons
  4. I will tell you why, @Nolax It's Friestorm as far as I know it only works on retail ( real WoW ).
  5. It happened to me too, I had some high ping during the day yesterday. But now it's fixed.
  6. Maybe you will finally finish the WoD season.
  7. Greetings, I wanted to ask, if and when the Arena season from Warlords of Dreanor (Gul'dan) will end? -Carelinee
  8. Greetings, I just wanted to ask. When will the Warlords of Dreanor end? - Carelinee
  9. Heey, I have a question. When will the WoD Season ends? Because the Firestorm Team, said 4 months ago. The Next Season will end after 4 months. And now 4 months are over... -Vanessa
  10. Dear, Firestorm-Team. I have a question about this Season. I wanted to ask when this Season will end? Thats it :3 -Carelinee