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  1. Great intro Welcome on FireStorm Skillet !
  2. Yo

    Welcome on FireStorm Niko !
  3. hey welcome back Nemirex on now yes FireStorm ! have fun in here
  4. Thanks Wtfhappened
  5. nothing here is a ''mess'' from what I see and heard from guys who have takes servers to made FireStorm : they have working hard and still do (believe me it's not a walk in the park) at least they (the staff work hard) even if all it's not fully fix but am sure it will ... more changelogs are made often from what I see and that's good news . we often want all fast : am like that too but I think FireStorm Staff need more cheering on from what they hardly do for us ,,, sometimes to say thanks or to show our ''appreciation'' can makes their work's much easier (I believe in that) . (I can play on FireStorm like I do have did long time ago on Pandashan (server) ... I do hope it's the same for you (sincerly) or let's say from the server that you from) . 2 things that I do hope they will change or fix are : 1- the possibility to buy at least mounts with vote points like I was able to do on old pandashan server because am not rich . of course I do have voted lot's on old time for pandashan and I still vote for new FireStorm ... one of my best friends that play wow long time too said to me : I don't vote anymore ...I said why ? she said to me : I don't see the interest ... meabe it's because she have 999 999 gold that's probably the reason but I say to her to vote again ... I don't know if she as listen to me but I have said that to her . it's true to say that I have helped many newbies in their gameplay's here : am not better than anyone and I will never compares myself to no one but in the time I do have said to many newbies to votes for Pandashan and now also for FireStorm cuz I knew and I know it's good for both parts . 2- bring back battle pet's again on Rassharom ... in the time I remember to have catch friendly pet's to my collection of Pet's that I have find that really really cool ... now if I summon one pet that I have catch ... the pet appears dead
  6. I will go probably with Druid and Paladin cuz for me both are good's Demon hunter : really ? hehe ... sure I will try that ! 100%
  7. welcome on FireStorm Exxtasy ! enjoy your stay
  8. for me everything related to wow are fun : thanks for the preview
  9. I am a little late but hey Thank you Csabikaa97 for the info (I really appreciate yeah ) guess because I am a big battle pet's fan ... hehe
  10. ''this server is just great'' I 100% agree ^^ Welcome to FireStorm Wolfrix have fun in here
  11. Welcome on FireStorm Usma !
  12. Welcome Yoruni (; Firestorm have good realms for me Mop (Rassharom) is good
  13. welcome Back Nathaniel same here I am from Canada ^^
  14. Hi & Welcome ;)