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  1. you can get the mount currently bi finishing the mage tower challenge
  2. if its Hotmail outlook, it won't work! most companies having issues with Microsoft emails
  3. PTR 7.3.5 will be open this afternoon. Meanwhile we leave the connection guide here so you can prepare your folders and connect as soon it comes up! We will announce once the PTR server officially opens! Thank you for your time
  4. Did you read the 1st lines? " as soon the major systems are fully tested, we expect to open it to the public two or so weeks before the actual release date which is currently scheduled to the end of April "
  5. Further Notice This issue will be auto corrected! We are sorry for the inconvenience!
  6. Could you please log in game?
  7. Please send me a message once your avaiblein game
  8. Hello there, i already forwarded your report to a dev and i will add the proper 940 legendary to your char today! we are sorry for the inconvenience and thanks for your report
  9. no.
  10. Hello, everyone All issues found during yesterday's runs from our community members have been fixed. Our Developers are still monitoring the raid and looking for further feedback! List of Hotfixes General: Fixed all sources of instability due to the release update. Mythic mode now rewards heroic gear, making testing more rewarding for each guild that wants to give us feedbacks. Fixed an issue causing player cooldowns and debuffs to not being reseted after a wipe. Bosses: Fixed an issue causing all trash mobs to have a high chance of dropping bind on equip loots. Fixed an issue allowing players to loot,, and during the fight. The boss will no longer walk through the bridge. The boss can no longer be kited when enraged. After casting, the boss now stands a little while where she is before getting back to her aggro target. The boss will no longer fall into the Nightwell before being pulled. can now be interrupted when casting Can no longer be pulled outside of her room. When server crash during Elisande’s transition, the players no longer get freeze when reconnect. Fixed an issue making and spawned into a wall, making them nearly impossible to kill. Fixed an issue causing to be applied once per player, on each player, causing a freeze and an insanely high move speed. Fixed an issue causing players to not being able to release during the 30 seconds respawn of the boss. Fixed an issue causing players to not being able to release after being killed by falling off the boss platform. Trashes: from is now correctly removed from allies when the caster dies. Meanwhile Mythic Nighthold testing phase in underway.. To make it more rewarding for the community guilds testing it we are adding heroic gear drops. We are looking forward to complete release this challenging difficulty as quickly as possible and with the best quality available. Please report all issues you may find here Related to Looking for Raid difficulty. This difficulty will be fully available next week. Thank you all for your continuous support and we look forward to finish Nighthold so we can surprise you with another big release!
  11. End instance chests from M+ can have up to 915
  12. yes its still same ilvl but can go up to 915
  13. It will be implemented soon!
  14. We will indeed update the loot boxes! Including some new ones are coming! This changes will come by the end of this week, start of next week.
  15. We do our best! Besides it's a full release... As far as I know, no one else has NH fully released yet! And way more is on its way! ^^ We have some great surprises incoming.