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  1. The loot from the raid is not min 900 ilvl ... never mind that i got only legendary gold from the 1st one , but there were noone who got 900 ... 890 max ; from the second boss i got 885 ..
  2. My mother was right ! There is a God ! :))) thank you , and all of the firestorm staff !!
  3. No... we all get dc's ..its not you , its every1 , in the short time that i was able to log in i saw the w chat ...crazed about how every1 lost his gear , items ... everything...
  4. dont know .... if they provide the items and stuff back ...i'll continue to play , otherwise ...ofc no ...there is no way all that time we've spend to collect them , all the nerves ... to be wasted and to have to do it again....
  5. All my items are gone , i doubt there will be any reward , basicly i expect firestorm staff to tell every1 : " FU " .... and ofc in that case...that will be the end of playing ,for me and many other ppl....
  6. Edit : all guilds are gone too ... what the hell ?!
  7. After DC on 11.03.2018 ; all the things on my char ....hardly collected ( 889 gear with 2 legendaries ,weapons , bags ) are gone .... and i asume its not only me ... so is there any explanation for that, should i expect to get them back or ?
  8. client-side mod

    Where exacly must be extracted that , because for me it dosent work ...
  9. Same story here ....dosent matter what i type .... and its not 32bit client!