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  1. can confirm , the drop chance is VERY low , please improve it , i think the chance acting account wide ? since i got a legendary in an alt i Rarely play , which i think cut my main chance legendary...
  2. boomkin is best at AoE , so you gonna do high dps in mythic+ at fortified/teeming weeks , just run the AoE build warrior of Elune/shooting Stars / Soul of the Forest/stellar drift and you can ez do like 1.5m+(Can reach 3m too) sustained dps on AoE But at single target boomy sucks , but here you can do like 800k dps with the right legendaries , stats and Talents , i think you need the Circadian innvocation major trait , its like a 8% overall dps increase
  3. here is my list : warrior : enigma maybe ? the amount of warriors on FS is VERY LOW Hunter : Extralolz Rogue : none priest : none shaman : none paladin : Xanara mage : none warlock : none monk : Apestorm Druid : one who played with Faermorn 2v2 in DH at pre-season forgot his name DH : Ratstorm + Faermorn Death knight : none
  4. the OP mentioning celticthorns as best warrior , i think he was trolling .. he is even mentioning PvE PLAYERS Lmao,
  5. well good job , although boris makes some lags , but it will increase the already high population which isnot bad , good job
  6. maybe put a template that increase our itlvl to 915 in this scenarios so we can do them
  7. imagine playing bugged class and talking kappa
  8. lol man i idnot do anything wrong XDD i know all these solutions but none worked , however how are you mingleegodx XDDDXDXDXD
  9. dont works
  10. Season 1 pvp titles : Demo Gladiator seems a nice reward
  11. it dont work on 7.1.5 too , same error , so i tried on 7.3.5 and its also same error
  12. Character Name: cant login error 51900313 Issue: Sylvanas Operating System: windows 10 How was your game downloaded?: Other Describe your problem: plz help i get this annoying error , i tried the following solutions 1) flush dns renew ip etc 2) run as adminstrator 3) reinstall wow 4) reinstall windows 5) use VPN tunnel bear 6) delete cache etc 7) make sure is located to firestorm 8) disable firewall antivirus etc 9) and much others... Plz help
  13. Hello help plz how i can fix this issue : tried most solutions even a windows reinstall... ps : even if i type wrong password it gives this error ,, so ithink its pc-related?
  14. sometimes it dont use internet, keep track it for like 1-2min see if it have internet usage , or check if ur connectio working too