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  1. Hello help plz how i can fix this issue : tried most solutions even a windows reinstall... ps : even if i type wrong password it gives this error ,, so ithink its pc-related?
  2. sometimes it dont use internet, keep track it for like 1-2min see if it have internet usage , or check if ur connectio working too
  3. for all who says i open wow.exe and nothing happens , open task manager , see if its running , see if its using internet( from network usage it shows) , if its using then its doing the setup and downloading so wait
  4. guys I HAVE THE ERROR 51900313 !! HOW TO FIX PLZ HELP
  5. hi , can you please look at the private message i sent you ? ty
  6. you are just too bad , playing broken combo and trashtalking others , seems legit , we all know holy pala is the most bugged healer , and Shadowpirest , lul , just saying shaddowpriest is enough i think with buggy psyfiend , (fun fact : i was able to beat 2.4k+ teams on my sp they are healer/dps , and i won at 10% damp or less every game , haha) , shadow priest dmg is insane atm , it needs a nerf by like 70% , same for rogues , so much bugs... , and holy pala lul , the healer that takes no dmg from blessing of sacrifice , dont transfer dmgat all
  7. give us a link for 7.3.5 download ?
  8. Firestorm : -people with 2-3million hp from Template ( cuz 7.1.5), and people deal 250k dps in arena retail : -people with 6-7million hp from template (cuz 7.3.5) and people deal 160k dps in arena mostly pretty retarded , playing healer here is a nightmare , you can get killed in 2sec , and THE ROT COMBOS LUL , this makes it even a worse nightmare , i remember some Bots here in firestorm that is scripted for casting 1 spell as shadow priest ( Vampiric touch ) , MW + 2sp (ye 2 shadow priests , they are the meta here) , only casting vampiric touch and everyone get -30% hp from everyone in team gg , good luck healer healing ,
  9. didnot play from month , still arenas takes 2min ? or is it 1min now ?
  10. sadly ye , this season should be given no rewards , ddemo locks are way very bugged , they 1shot , but i was able to beat the rank 1 demo lock here with a bugged sp <3
  11. i have a cancer error 51900313 , anyone know?
  12. sadly but arenas here are nothing more than a dps race
  13. me too want to talk with him , would be nice if we get an answer
  14. Hello i want to ask some questions about selling a character 1) If i put a Character for Sell , but after time it dont get selled , do i lose anything ? i have 40FS points , do i lose them since i put it in market ? or i lose some of them ? 2) IS the sell/buy character alive ? 3) If the Character get Selled , Firestorm will remove some of the points ? like 25% of them or like that ?