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  1. now i am already on the place where flynn is .. but i cannot reach him to take the quest because of the door
  2. actually i did that already... and no response... ill try it again ....
  3. okay.. i was questing "outlike flynn" quesline.. the one on the jail where flynn is a prisoner so when i did the quest.. i keep on looting the gun powder.. but it wont let me loot... i keep abandoning the quest for like 25 times for me to do it again but still wont let me... so what i did kind of making it worst... i did abandon the quest again and heartsthone to SW... to retake the questline.. BUT.. " LADE jaina" wont let me go back to the part where FLYNN is imprisoned already.. now the questline is broken.. please help
  4. سلام من برنامه رو دانلود کردم اما لانچر اجرا نمیشه و با ارور زیر رو یه رو میشم ... لطفا راهنمایی کنین network unreachable please check the status of your internet connection and try again