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  1. Its been said multiple times there is no ilvl advantange in instanced pvps where the cross realm will happen. Also talents define a class in pvp a monk heal without rem or holy priest without any of those op talents huge difference. But its amusing some of these pvpers dont want a even playing field in that case might as well not cross realm bgs.
  2. Is there a addon which shows all that would be interesting to know? As far as the topic i don't think thats too bad actually but i would make it like a 1k-5k loyalty points only and u cant convert the gold ones to loyalty while being only once per character also the drop rate is random i know it sucks but thats how it is bad luck protection is pretty non existant and its all about chance i'd say spam skirmishes like spam 50 skirmished per day... ya ;p
  3. While i don't support this guys all caps rage. Dh has some serious problems in pve like he said chaos strike doesn't refund any fury on crit nor does demon blades give ANY FURY both of them are critical if you want to do any decent st dps its like bugging a fire mage crit chance to zero like warr and rogue gaining no fury or energy and them just staring at their screen and this came right at the start of the mythic raid feels like a slap to the face. dh typicall suck if their cooldowns arent up if they cds are up they can burst about 550K to 1mil dps(yup!) but if they arent up its like 300k sustain but now its more like 240k sustain cuz u literally have nothing to use cuz of this fury it has caused me to take a break from the game..
  4. is he talking about mop legendary cloak?
  5. I cant macro my pets water jet skill so i can use it whenever i want also even if i click on the skill on this server it don't work. I have to leave it to auto cast but that is a dps loss.