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  1. I can't create request to migrate my second character after migrating the first one. What should I do?
  2. still no Arena spectator?!
  3. Same happened to me. I completed the quest but questgiver doesn't give me the next one, I think it's a bug, so you can't complete Shadowmourne questline as of right now. I did it around half year ago.
  4. Don't wanna sound rude but Tweek you apparently don't know what you are talking about when you say PvP ranking is not bugged. I have 5 characters in rated 1v1 on top ranks and none of them is shown on the website's PvP ranking. Most people, probably over 50% participants in PvP are just being ignored by PvP ranking on the website. This bug is old several weeks if not months. This is not only annoying for players of Firestorm but also makes other people thinking about joining the server think that PvP here is not as active as it is according to the PvP ranking. Fixing this should be of a major importance. Server can lose couple potential players just because of such bugs.
  5. Is it possible to boost a character on both - Greymane and Sylvanas?