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  1. Why even playing fucking trashstorm when you can play retail lul legit waste of time playing here
  2. Firestorm tbh is terrible like they mostly focusing on the worst things and never fixed something its why they got from 10k ppl to 3k ppl
  3. Just go play Retail bruh getting enchant and if you are proud of it then you are terrible
  4. Cmon guys its fucking fs go fucking to retail and there you can see who is good bruh. legit noobs in fs can get fucking 2,3k easily by playing broken classes bruh if you think you are good at fs then you are just terrible and Zull cmon you think 2,4k is good on retail??????????? Now no one is good here bruh go to retail and get 3k then you can speak!
  5. so the season will start on 14th may
  6. The season will start tomorrow. More information on this link = The current season on our Syvlanas and Greymane realm will end on Monday, May 7th, 2018. The award distribution will happen during the week of Monday, May 7th, 2018. There will be seven days off for the off-season and the next season will have Season 3 gear.The rewards that are distributed will be given to the best players of the ladder without taking the faction nor the realm in consideration. Regards by Rogueter/Mingleegodx
  7. do it and no one can wintrade GG
  8. Do you have the addon? called GM ticket=? cuz u need to have it for write a ticket to the gm. On the game. You can find Game menu and go down on addon and you need to active the addon called GM TICKET. Good luck and have fun Regards by Rogueter
  9. Just wait a moment because the new patch. You have new things and right now the all the data is downloading so just wait a while and try to stay afk for while after some hours or mins then ya ready to play the game normally. Have a nice day and good luck! Regards by Rogueter
  10. Title: Nerf all classes on 7.3.5 Type: In-game Description:  Well seems like all classes are doing too much dmg you are getting oneshotted like ferals do 700k crit with shred and its too insane like wtf. Mostly you just need 1 spell to oneshot a person and its too much and if the season goes like this then Bye Firestorm
  11. Title: Respect the Firestorm developers and workers Type: In-game Description:  Firestorm you made a great work with 7.3.5 and i respect it. And thanks for your hard works on 7.3.5 and i hope you can keep the good works, i respect it everything you did and all the hard work you all developers have worked on and we all respect it. Regards by Rogueter and have a nice day
  12. i hope they fix it soon before im getting hardcore angry
  13. wow you just need to wait 30 mins and all the data will be done right now the game is still downloading so just wait a while
  14. well just too bad
  15. Title: please fix the dc on greymane Type: In-game Description:  Well would be nice if you fixed the dc on greymane cuz u keep getting dc when you logging on like every 10 sec. Good job with classes and things