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  1. do it and no one can wintrade GG
  2. Title: Nerf all classes on 7.3.5 Type: In-game Description:  Well seems like all classes are doing too much dmg you are getting oneshotted like ferals do 700k crit with shred and its too insane like wtf. Mostly you just need 1 spell to oneshot a person and its too much and if the season goes like this then Bye Firestorm
  3. Title: Respect the Firestorm developers and workers Type: In-game Description:  Firestorm you made a great work with 7.3.5 and i respect it. And thanks for your hard works on 7.3.5 and i hope you can keep the good works, i respect it everything you did and all the hard work you all developers have worked on and we all respect it. Regards by Rogueter and have a nice day
  4. i hope they fix it soon before im getting hardcore angry
  5. well just too bad
  6. Title: please fix the dc on greymane Type: In-game Description:  Well would be nice if you fixed the dc on greymane cuz u keep getting dc when you logging on like every 10 sec. Good job with classes and things
  7. nope you can't choose who getting glad too bad he didn't get rank 10. Now stop talking and trihard for glad. its nothing
  8. but too bad he didn't get rank 10 he can just hardstuck next season
  9. The guy only winning because of demo why the fuck you giving titles to shitty players who are not even good. like right now then gladiator looks like a challenger for me when all the bugged demo class who are just beating everyone. try to think when you are good at the game but you losing to demo. i feel like its sad for people who are good at this game and losing to someone who is new or bad to pvp. its just sad for the person who are just losing vs demo. i feel like this season should not give titles cuz what is the point to give titles when this season is more terrible than pre season. Like come on fucking worser than pre season
  10. Hello the gladiator only for 1-10. but i think they both should not get glad they are hardstuck by 1,5k the only way they got 2,4k is cuz the fucking bugged demo class who are one shotting everyone. the guy is legit backpedaling so hardcore and how tf should you give a player who are backpedaling gladiator its just weird asf so don't even give titles in this terrible season where all top players played with demo fuclking hardstuck 1,5k Regards by Mingleegodx
  11. Delete gul'dan full of wintrader only 50 online and 10 players are doing pvp GG
  12. Title: The dodge king (Prowler) - The dodge is real! Type: In-game Description:  The new meme in firestorm is back! The dodge is real on 3v3 !
  13. Wow fury warriors is broken asf
  14. its not a bug i tried it out and it works. try to log out and log in if this happens. Do you have the suramar starting quest line? Because it can somestime bug things Regards by Rogueter/Mingleegodx
  15. Btw give us the legion's illusion thing You need 2,5k to get this illusion and not 2,2k ! Script this illusion on greymane so people can get it. You need 2,5k to get it and not 2,2k cuz its really low. You need the thing to be worth