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  1. Dear Sylvanas Community, I am opening up a topic out of curiosity. I was wondering how many achievable achievements do we have on Sylvanas? Once I saw an Orc Shaman (Abshalom, or something similar) with over 12K points. While it is still around a third of all the achievements, there was some work put into that. Probably - ok, most likely - you will not have a database or exact number for this; however, it would also be great to post some Armory links in this thread, just to make some comparison. Directly linked to this topic (achievement hunting) I found a great thread started by Istrion, and I highly encourage everyone to post into this thread and help this guy to update the list for all of us. He collected the working raids and dungeons to one list: Thanks for all the replies.
  2. Hey Aelorion, thank you for all the effort. This is a great list and save a lot of time for all of us interested in farming low level gear and achievements. Keep up!