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  1. Hi Tigd! Thanks for the response, will be trying it when i'm online. Much Love and Respect!
  2. Hi! Does anyone know how to learn "Riddle of Steel" for the alchemist class? I have tried using the daily cooldown crafting to get the other patterns, but this pattern wasn't showing up for me. PS, was searching in the forums, seems like the GM's locked he previous topic. Thanks!
  3. Hi Guys! Is there anyway on gaining reputation for the Operation Shieldwall faction in Krasarang Wilds? I tried to do the quest line and it just ends up being bugged, i can't even talk to most of the NPC's that are in the beach.
  4. Hi, Anyone got an idea if [A Treatise on Mining in Draenor] drops from anywhere? or how do i get this item? Nevermind, i saw a post before my post. Please Delete this thread Thanks!