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  1. After a long break i am now coming back to play some firestorm wow. Being happily surprised with the 7.3.5 news, i can't seem to enter. I have looked around and i understand you have to upgrade your wow somehow. Thing is, when i go on that link ( and press download, it tells me "website cant uphold a safe/stable conneciton" so it's impossible for me to download the link! I have tried several times to reboot and closing the window and opening the link again but it doesn't seem to work. When i open my normal folder from 7.1.5 and try logging in it tells me no realms available...
  2. Look, I am familiar with the "settings won't save" thingy, I had that problem and I have fixed it. Now the thing is that my downloaded addons will not save the settings. They will be saved for maybe some hours, some days, but suddenly when I log into my character they sometimes get reset to default. This is very annoying (as you probably can imagine) since it takes me so long time to fix the addons again. I'm the kind of person who enjoys to setup UI to really enhance and make my playstyle more fun and efficient. Sidenote - almost all of my addons are downloaded for the 7.3 exp so they are not outdated, for example, bartender4 keeps going default although 7.3 exp
  3. insanity, guess im gonna farm mythic normals then cuz this guy got like 50 ilvls in a few days
  4. Why do i see a panda rogue by the name Nuying, with 885 gear??? He has 750 weps, no relics.... and on all of the gear it says "mythic titanforged" and no, not "mythic 10 titanforged" im talking mytchi normal titanforged... and she has 885 gear with that... considering mythic normal gives no credits on keystones he cant get no loot from that weeklyt box, and since titanforged onhly reaches 20+ ilvls and mythic normal is 840 how comes he can reach 885 item level when max should be 860?
  5. Well blackrock foundry works in a raid group, with only 1 person i was able to enter it at 25 man and 25 man heroic i believe it was, unsure if it was 10 man. Following bosses work - Oregorger, Beastlord Darmac, Gruul, Operator Thogar (no loot as far as i know is dropped from him), The Blast Furnace. (i was not able to enter it solo, or in a group on mythical difficulty)
  6. well considering the fact that many ppl had issues in rdf and heroic dungeons before, making it harder makes no sense since agroup s cant even stay alive for more than 10 seconds when the boss kill the tank in 1 hit
  7. K so the mobs in aszuna hits for 100k, the world quest "wanted: (name)" are hitting for half a mil, the trash in normal rdf are hitting for 1 mil and 2 mil crit. the f irst rdf boss is hitting for 2 mil normal (idk crit bcuz we wiped after 2 sec). firestorm, wtf
  8. yeah ik i had the some issue, your playing on legion i guess and what u have to do is go to goldshire and on the way there take the quest outside northshire and it will start a questline for you, if your a warrior take the quest from the warrior trainer inside the building in northishire
  9. I have a fully stable internet connection but somehow i randomly get disconnected from the server. There is nothing showing ingame that i would have a bad connection (no lag or lag spikes). it happens completely random after about 10-15 minutes of gameplay ingame. After i disconnect i cant enter until i wait 5 min ant restart wow. this is very annoying as you probably can tell. anyone experienced the same? is it just the servers?
  10. i doubt it, i watched a youtuber video and it shows how he takes the quests, rides to the big globe and it shows up immediently with an ! mark on it. but idk if its the same on firestorm..
  11. So im making another one now because i dont like not being able to play on my character which ive spent tons of money on and in-game aswell. So here the problem - my ring is gone. i mean its crazy right!? no but seriously my ilvl dropped from 817 to 771 so im kind of pissed off... wonder if somebody can help me
  12. I cant see On the trail of the great worm mission show up in my "available missions" but i have taken the quest and i have tried retaking it yet the mission doesnt show up, so i cant do my warriors class hall questline
  13. So many people are having issues with the quest Save Yourself in azsuna. Heres what i did to fix the problems. -if the the prince form u are in is getting bugged and u cant move when u attack, dont attack avoid the first naga which is in front of the academy by jumping in the water on the left side in forn of you and then walk up without getting aggro from the naga. After you reach the academy you can spot the first issue, if the warlord walks out with either nothing or a little monkey claled "your doppelganger" the quest is bugged, just abandon it and take it again and repeat the procces until the warlord walks out with an exact copy of you laying on the ground attached to the rope. -now follow them to the altar thing where athissa will turn normal and you will be able to hit her, hit her once with the fireball and "pursue the naga" will be finished, now jump out of the prince form and run back to the starting place (in front of the bridge), there you will get back your prince form. -now in the prince form avoid any npcs until you reach the hatecoil slave pen, if you dont know where this is watch this video - then you will reach the entrance to this cave looking place, there ur prince will kneel down to some queen or something, just wait and eventually u will have complete both "find the hatecoil slave pen" and "defeat the stupid queen thingy" after this, walk into the cave and there u should see u standing in the spot where you first took this quest. complete the quest then continue your adventures, if this did not help you im sorry, but the title does say "kind of" since this is the way the quest worked for me. just remember to keep the prince form at all times and do the different tasks in order as stated in this topic
  14. what do you mean "meet the requirements" i only have 1 char that i remember from the fun server which is a warrior with some items bought from the store (maybe the items bought does make any change)
  15. I have been searching on the forums for this for a while, but couldn't find anything about it. I was wondering if their has ever been another wod server than Gul'dan? Because i remember playing on a wod fun server and im quite sure it was firestorm (i remember opening firestorm launcher and launching the game from there)