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  1. They already made a post about future pf Legion and bfa why dont you read it ?
  2. Wotlk raids works, but MOP and WOD raids are disaster they will never fix it probably
  3. Try going MW and hit something with it than change to WW I fixed it like that
  4. I think it got bugged on 7.3.5 I did 7/7 when was 7.1.5
  5. Sure go on Freakz LUL
  6. Just wait man...
  7. You are all banned thats why there is no realm for u
  8. And Why did u sent this here?
  9. we got scammaz Court of Stars soon
  10. Djokula what does p2w have to do with this? Your ilvl is lower beacuse they fixed Legendarys
  11. everything working as intended
  12. All are broken Mop Throne of Thunder half of raid works Siege of Orgrimmar cant even enter Mogu'shan Vaults:The Spirit Kings you cant attack this boss, Elegon andWill of the Emperor are not spawned Hellfire Citadel -not working Blackrock Foundry- The Iron Maidens Bugged Blackhand not spawned
  13. probably no
  14. So I enterd arena and I lost my legendary Cenedril, Reflector of Hatred and I got this item as u can see on picture