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  1. bug

  2. grievances

    There is a way to report staff members....
  3. Your Character not showing up in the creation screen is most likely because you're downloading the game files while you're playing. Try leaving your WoW open for a bit and then coming back and see if its any better.
  4. yeah yeah its just visual
  5. legendary

    How the hell do you have 3 primary professions ? regarding the bad luck protection, all it does is slighty increase your chance for another lego to drop depending on what difficulty of content you're doing. Just remember that its still rng, its still random, still a low chance to drop.
  6. The third relic slot gets unlocks once you have 17 traits in your weapon, remember to relog to get the achievement and the slot.
  7. atonement healing should be able to crit, healing from critical dmg spells do work, but critical atonement healing does not. I dont think you understood what i meant
  8. Right now in this patch and specificly on Firestorm disc is....crap. Even on retail 7.0.3 and 7.1.5 disc priest wasnt great, you'd be way better off leveling your holy artifact for most content. On Firestorm; Disc has this annoying....bug where any healing that you do from dealing dmg will not crit, including atonement healing, causing you to lose out on quite a bit of healing in the long run. And yes, i've tested it and there hasnt been a single crit on atonement. ever. I sincerely hope this bug gets fixed in the future when we switch over to patch 7.3.
  9. you get an artifact research note every 5 days from the exact time you first started them, you dont get them instantly. The artifact notes lying on the ground next to the artifact knowledge npc is just a visual bug, you can check if you have one ready to pick up by clicking the class hall button near your minimap.
  10. ...wut ? This is not the rp section...
  11. How about no ? im free to comment on any post i want on this forum.
  12. problem

    Use relics with 805 or higher ilvl, any relics under that will only give 2 artifact ilvls per relic.
  13. oi, you realize that there arent a lot of devs working on the mop realm right ? they dont have time for every little thing. And if feral is so damn bugged, why not just reroll ?
  14. PVP

    Turn on pvp....
  15. That feature arrives with patch 7.2.5. Speaking of which, is there an eta release date of an updated patch after all the NH bosses gets released ?