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  1. Hi, maybe you can try to grind from lvl 100- 110. For exmaple http://www.wowhead.com/npc=94691/overgrown-larva best regards Neosilver
  2. Update: Raids: 1) EN nm & HC 7/7 2) ToV nm 3/3 3) NH nm 6/10
  3. So how about waiting two days or even a week befor you make your move? ;-)
  4. Update: Raids: 1) EN nm & HC 7/7 2) ToV nm 3/3
  5. Hello, are you using some addons like: DBM? I think that DBM has an option to skip cinematics in dungeons. best regards Neosilver
  6. up ^^
  7. That's sounds like a bad excuse for not to fix older content. Or can someone with a law degree from the US( proven by the Government of the US) confirm that "theory"? From my point of view on copy right issues I would like to say, that a bug will not be the reason to keep you safe from Copyright issues. Because the main thought of your theory is: A game with bugs is a total different game than a Game without bugs. So in my opinion a Judge would like to have much more proof to say such easy things. More like this: To confirm that the WoW Version of Firestorm is not the same like that from Blizzard, we have to take a closer look at things like the used game core and more technical things like other programmed source codes to make sure there is a difference between the Blizzard WoW-Legion version and the FS one. So to keep it easy, I would like to say that Firestorm should just say if they will do fix older raids/ content or not. br Neosilver
  8. Hi, gibt es sonst noch deutsche Spieler ohne Gilde? Nach meinem Wissensstand gibt es drei oder vier aktive deutsche/ deutschsprachige Gilden auf der Allianzseite: Furchtlos, Soulbound, Der Smaragdgrüne Orden und die goldenen Drachen. Wie sieht es eigentlich auf der Hordenseite aus? Jeder der auf Sylvanas joined, sollte die Möglichkeit haben eine passende Gilde für sich zu finden. LG Neosilver
  9. Hello, and here we go to the top! br Neosilver
  10. I think we can not compare FS and retail. Or do I have to admit, that FS can do an equal or better job as Blizzard? I don't think so. Ths FS-Staff is doing a great job. I do admit the hard work they do to keep whole project up. Sometimes it would be nice to do more tests before releasing new content or fixing some old bugs (bug tracker) and not just delete them. But I do not compare a big international company with a budget of millions of dollars and a semi free2play project. So if it is harder on FS as on retail it is okay, as far as if it is not unreachable or needs an insane requirement to achieve things. I wish you all gl and good loot. Neosilver
  11. Hi Leothas, I would not like to judge about the FS-bad luck-system, because of on a Addon that should may tell you if the "time is right" to drop your Legendary. If the Addon may works right on retail server, we don't know if it's working right on FS. That's my point of view, about that addon. You can have your own :-) best regards Neosilver
  12. I want to use a 30 Days trail version of your service first, please. Like Winrar.
  13. Update: Raids: 1) EN nm & HC 7/7 2) ToV nm 2/3
  14. So you know more about FS than the GM Friend? And Brutalweed worte that answer: "It does not descrease here, here is all the same chance on gettin its next lego drop" You wrote "supposedly" so pls, bring your sources. Because "supposedly" you could be 1) a Troll, 2) An Apache Helicopter 3) My Mom 4).... But who you really are depends on the source of the Information. But never the less, my post is more about to get to know how we can "efficiently" use the bad luck system to get more Legos, as fast as possible. Thank you for your answer. best regards Neosilver
  15. up ^^