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  1. We are looking for all classes. No exceptions. And we're doing ToS right now, as you can see in our previous raid updates. best regards Neosilver
  2. Hello, we are active and doing MM+ Dungeons and Raids and more. All you nee to know about us is here: Furchtlos is looking for german speaking People at the age of 22+ We are Looking for all classes, except Death Knights ! We are doing nh, hc & myth Dungeons and Raids: EN normal 5/7, LFR 7/7. You should have some WoW-exp and don't be to shy for Teamspeak. For more Informations look at :http://www.furchtlos.shivtr.com/forums best regards Neosilver
  3. hi, to your Questions: 1) Open Raids: https://firestorm-servers.com/en/community/raids 2)Population: You can find it here:https://firestorm-servers.com/en/welcome/realms 3)No Corss faction: 4)How dose what work? Some infos about Sylvanas and his quality? 5)as a human can i walk into undercity: I think you can try, but you will be dead soon. It is a horde base in Legion. LG Neosilver
  4. Hallo, es wundert mich etwas, dass man im Ticketmenü und im Discorde nicht die deutsche Sprache wählen kann. Welche Gründe gibt es dafür? Vielleicht weiß ja einer der deutschsprachigen GMs, Admis, etwas darüber. LG Neo
  5. Hallo bady1991 und willkommen auf Sylvanas ! Bei Interesse kannst du ja mal hier schauen: Oder ingame einfach mal Spieler der Gilde Furchtlos anschreiben. Diese werden dich dann wohl weiterleiten. Lieben Gruß Neosilver
  6. Hallo und willkommen auf Sylvanas Kortaka, derzeit weiß ich nur von einer aktiven deutschen Gilde und die heißt Furchtlos. Aber das muss nichts heißen. Viele andere deutsche Gilden können auch eher im Hintergrund aktiv sein und eher weniger Werbung im World-Channel machen. Mehr Infos zur Gilde Furchtlos findest du ingame im World_en / World_de oder hier oder hier :-) Lieben Gruß Neosilver
  7. Hallo Kyte, du kannst uns auf unserer HP erreichen oder per Ingame wisper :-)
  8. Hello my friend, you are in the total wrong section with your post. Better put your post in the generall discussion thread. br Neosilver
  9. Raids: 1) EN nm & HC 7/7 2) ToV nm 3/3 3) NH nm 10/10 & HC 8/10 4) ToS nm 9/9 & HC 3/9 Update: 4) Tos HC 4/9 We had a lot of fun with our new members :-)
  10. The negative part of that will be, that you will demage the economy of the Server. You will need less help from other Player to get what you need. On the other side you are free to create your next char to do the professions you need. So it is no need for that option. best regards neosilver.
  11. Because it is his account and he would like to have the power to decide by himself, if some "can have" that account or not. Or can have the Char on that Account or not. It's simply as it sounds. You can delete your FB-Account too. So why not that account? Have you ever heard about the right to be forgotten? Here some links to that right that violation could follow in to a sue. https://gdpr-info.eu/issues/right-to-be-forgotten/ (is in english) https://www.datenschutz-grundverordnung.eu/grundverordnung/art-17-ds-gvo/ ( is in german language) or try Wikki to get superficial information by searching for the "right to be forgotten". best regards Neosilver
  12. Hello Eldron, The highest melee dps are the following classes (not in a particular order): Monk (DPS), Druid (Cat), DK (Frost). That's all I know at the moment. In some fights a Retri was seen on the frist Rank on a DPS-Meter in a Raidboss fight. But that was because of lucky procs, death of other Raid members so thier DPS got dropped down and the Retri got boosted by Retribution. And that reasons can go on and on. As a Retri DPS you are most of the time in the middle of a raid DPS ranking. You're doing stable DPS, but not as high DPS as one of the classes I mentioned in the post above. But it could be that my opinion is wrong becaus I don't have all Retri legendaries and specially not the ring that give you the talent Divine Purpose for free. That's all I can say so far. best regards Neosilver
  13. Hello Alan, why doesn't exsit such a service? Shouldn't it be a peace of cake to add that option to the Account panel? LG Neo
  14. Hello everybody, How's it going? I wanted to mention that the server has been down at least every 1 minute for the last 15 minutes. So does anyone know what the reason is? Did the FS stuff say anything on discorde? br Neosilver
  15. simply up! Nothing else to say