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  1. Hallo Tomzilla, hier mal zwei Links, vllt. helfen diese dir.
  2. Hi, ich habe heute im Forum einen Post zum Thema Schmiedekunst gelesen. @player34234 Auf Sylvanas habe ich vor einer Woche die Rang 2 Rezepte vom dem Tauren(Murin Eisenhorn) im Hochberg bekommen, der an dem Firmament Stein steht. http:// http:// Ich hoffe ich konnte dir helfen. LG Neosilver Ps.: Falls noch ein deutscher Spieler eine Lösung zu Berufebugs gefunden hat, kann er diese ja in diesem Topic veröffentlichen.
  3. hi, so let us do a recap about this feature: Announced on the front side of the FS-Homepage. Firestorm International July 24, 2018 Curious of what was fixed this morning during our weekly update? Check out our new fixes that were applied this morning by visiting https://firestorm-servers.com/en/changelog. Does FS really fix all the things contained in this changelog? As far as I can tell for the Retri-Paladin: No! Take a look at the changelog of July 31, 2018, for example. They have announced a bug for paladins, which is the blessing. And as far as I can see, the way this bug was announced looks like a copy & paste version of a bugtracker. But words like "we have regulated the following.." are completely missing. And on top of that. SO FAR NO CORRECTIONS HAVE BEEN MADE TO THIS BUG. What the hell is this change log worth? You're not doing your job right. And just writing that something is fixed without doing anything will NOT FIX the Bug at all. So you failed again. You promise quality, but you do nothing. Your "Live Changelog" is therefore not reliable. So my conlusion to this "Live Changelog" it is a joke and a trap, just an overview what is buged right now! My friendly advice to the staff, improve your quality, else you are ending as a joke. If I had run my guild the way you're working on this project, it would be over after two weeks. sincerly Neosilver
  4. Raids: 1) EN nm & HC 7/7 2) ToV nm 3/3 3) NH nm 10/10 & HC 7/10 4) ToS nm 5/9 & HC 3/9 Update: ToS nm 6/9 It was a pleasure to doing the raid with so many Raider. Even if the Boss Engine of Souls is a complete mess.
  5. 4head ? Now I am really pissed off ! Can you read Mungo?! Are you to dumb to understand what I am wirting ?! Read this and start to understand the issue ! We asked a GM. AND HE DID NOT OPEN THE FUCKING DOOR. The GM reseted the whole raid instead of opening the fucking door. Next time start thinking before answering my posts "SweggieBoiiiiiiiiiiiiiii" or just shut the fuck up.
  6. Hello, I'm a little angry right now. We made our Guidl Raid and killed almost all ToS normal bosses that were available in the past before the release of the last wing. And after the sisters, the whole raid stopped. Why do you ask? Because you can't open the door to the next newly released bosses. All in all, your announcement: INFORMATION - Last Wing is simply wrong! Here we are again. Every raid Firestorm released was a mess. Nothing worked right. I can admit: "Yes, some bugs are normal for private servers". But not such game-breaking bugs and we're talking about a door, not a boss function. And even if you ask a GM for help, the help you get is not the best. Maybe the GM will reset the entire raid, so you'll have to kill all bosses again just to test if the door works. Or you get NO HELP. So there is only one simple question: Why is your server quality so bad? Are you missing the right people in your staffship? Don't you have the knowledge to fix bugs? Don't your GMs know how to offer a sober solution to a bug problem? Maybe I am a little too angry about the "release" of TOMB OF SARGERAS - LAST WING *, because it is always the same: Like: 1) 2) 3) And no I will not start now with the Bugs of unrelead OLD Dungeons or released Dungeons of Legion. sincerely Neosilver
  7. You can't say, because Blizzard implemented this event itself. It is therefore an absolutely legitimate way of arming oneself. The big mistake was FS's Lootbox system! Many bad players with low skills. @superjami22 if the event is bugged, you can only wirte a ticket and hope it will be fixed. best regards Neosilver
  8. Raids: 1) EN nm & HC 7/7 2) ToV nm 3/3 3) NH nm 10/10 & HC 7/10 4) ToS nm 5/9 & HC 3/9 This is our current raid status. Updates will follow.
  9. That is the qualtity of Firestorm.
  10. Dear ultrydina, the community has written many topics about the legendary items, see here: I started to use a addon called Legendary Progress Tracker. I will show you the result: I got a 116% Chance to get the next legendary Item, but untill today nothing happend. So the conclsion of the legendary dropp rate is: 1) FS has a bad luck protectioin system, but it totally bugged. 2) Fs doesn't even have a bad luck protection system at all. And thierfor you can buy legendary lootboxes, so nowadays Fs is only pay2win. sincerly Neosilver
  11. So it is bugged or working how it the status of this feature?
  12. Hello every one, doese some one know if the Guild Bank 8th Slot is working? You will need the following guild achivement for it: Stay Classy I didn't found a ticket on the bug tracker. br Neosilver
  13. Are you sure, that this will work? I thought, that is a "normal" bug on FS an will not be solved by a GM. @ Matt I would like to know if you got help form a GM and how he helped you. best regards Neosilver
  14. Hello everyone, on our last NH Raid we had 19 raiders and it was a nice evening. Maybe one day the MM mode will be available for us ;-) We wish all good loot and have fun
  15. I don't talk about low ranked bugs but bugs that make a boss fight impossible to win! If Blizzard have bugs, they fix them faster then FS does it. How is it possible that you only have 12 posts then? Didn't want to participate in the ongoing discussions that have been going on for a whole year? Or was the server not so important to you? Or maybe you went off from the server for a very long time? It just makes me think, that is all.