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  1. Hallo Selera, ich kann mich den Worten von Klenn nur anschließen. Ich hoffe die Gilde Innøcent wird ihren Weg machen. Ich wünsche Euch alles alles Gute und viel Erfolg in den Raids und im Gildenaufbau! LG Neo
  2. Hallo, kennst sonst noch jemand deutsche/deutschsprachige Gilden auf Sethraliss? Und die nächste Frage wäre, wie gut laufen die Raids bei den deutschen/deutschsprachigen Gilde derzeit? Gibt es da Probleme, genug deutsche/deutschsprachige Spieler zu finden oder besteht ein Interesse daran, ein oder zwei Tage im Monat zu finden, an denen man einen deutschsprachigen Random-Raid festlegen würde? Also sprich gildenübergreifend. Über Eure Ansichten würde ich mich freuen. LG Neo
  3. guild

    Hallo, gestern war ein echt guter Raidabend für uns. Wir haben uns trotz Server downs den Weg bis zu G'huun (Uldir normal) gebahnt und er wird bestimmt auch bald liegen! LG Neo
  4. Hi, ich konnte noch in Erfahrung bringen, dass es die Gilde TheDavinciKodo (Ally) gibt. Diese legt ihren Fokus eher auf PvP. Vielleicht kommen ja noch mehr Leute und zeigen, dass ihre Gilden aktiv sind und Spieler suchen :-)
  5. quality of firestorm

    I would like to show you an example of what you prioritize. How can the Tanaan jungle have a higher priority than the fucking tool for coordinating raids?! HOW Or are we not actually talking here about prioritization, but about the lack of knowledge to repair this calendar? Best regards Neosilver
  6. Please move the Post to the correct section as soon as we have a German section for Sethraliss. Hallo, SpielerInnen des Realms, Ich hatte damals für Legion so einen solchen Post gestartet, eine schnell eine Übersicht über die aktiven Gilden zu erstellen. Hauptadressat meines Post sind Serverneuzugänge aber auch aktive deutsche/ deutschsprachige SpielerInnen. Aus diesem Grund, frage ich die SpielerInnen von BFA: Wie geht es den Gilden so, welche aktiven deutschen Gilden gibt es auf Sethraliss? - Ich habe von der Gilde "Die Unbeliebten" (Ally) Werbung im World_de gelesen. - (Des Weiteren sah ich auch Werbung von der Gilde "Boosted Squadz"(Ally), diese nimmt aber auch englischsprachige Spieler auf.) - Die Gilde "Furchtlos"(Ally) ist nun auf BFA aktiv. ...Bitte fortsetzen, sofern man weitere aktive Gilden kennt, auch Gilden der Horde sollen aufgezählt werden. LG Neo
  7. And when will a DEV fix the in game organisation tool: the Calendar? LG Neo
  8. Hi, I found this interesting video on Youtube maybe an inspiration for some GMs on FS.
  9. quality of firestorm

    Dear Effigy, Thanks for the answer, but: First, to compare the calendar tool, that is highlighted in one of the first loading screens after you have selected your characters, with a fish spawn of an old content is simply wrong and does not correspond to the displeasure the guilds have. Secondly, this calendar error is a common mistake since the release of FS Legion. And it took so much effort on my part and so much community support to put this bug on the agenda, so a dev fixed it after 2 or more months. You are not alone in achieving the goal of making FS a better place. Third, I understand and acknowledge your hard work! Troubleshooting is not easy. You said, "You're testing the fixes and the newly implemented content," sorry, but that sounds like a lie to me and maybe to all the other older players on this server. You lack quality. In my guild we say: For a new hotfix you brought us two new bugs or more problems. So it was from the Legion until today. We assume that you don't program complex hotfixes or patches yourself. But you buy them and upload them after a short review. To prove my words: How is it that you didn't fix the bug in the Uldir raid (normal) with Mythrax when, as you say, fixing an raid is more important than the tool to organize one? I mean, it's obvious that the adds recasting the spells faster than they should. You should have seen this before you released the raid if you're making a test raid with at least 10 340 geared raiders. But you have released this bugged boss without an appropriate test. And right now I don't mention that the first weeks of the BFA server were "normal" errors for your heart of Azeroth Neck. Fourth, I reported the calendar bug on the bug tracker and including me you had 3 bug reports about it, but all you did was delete it. No answer nothing, just a quick death of the report. And to top it all off, my contribution to drawing attention to these reports was also gone. So why should I report something that is going to be deleted anyway? Why should I be patient if nothing changes in the next 2 weeks? Fifth, you mentioned the topic "It's normal to prioritize some content over others", help me understand how you prioritize something. For example, FS released BFA a few months ago and you got criticism of this early step because you still had many bugs on Legion and older servers. After you released BFA, you did a quick update to the FS Shop so people could buy itmes for real money. Tell us how your prioritization process works. Does it work like money> everything? Will it continue: more releases more gamers more shop customers more money? As you can see, bug fixes or quality standards are not mentioned in this process of prioritization. Sincerly Neosilver P.s. I hope you do not feel offended by me words. I just want you to know what is important for a not so small group of your player base.
  10. Hello Fs- Staff, you taught me a lesson. They delete bug reports without fixing the problems. You delete forum posts that indicate problems with your server, but do nothing about it. I asked you why my post was deleted, but I didn't get an answer. So what is the reason for this? Are you afraid of criticism? And you don't know how to deal with it. Are you overwhelmed by the work you have to do to secure game standards, but all you want is our money from the Item Shop? Are the bugs so complicated that you can't find a solution, but you want us to keep using the bugtraker just to get a solution? Look, I will publish this calendar bug one last time that you deleted from your bug tracker, as you deleted the other three bug reports, AND my article on this topic in which I wanted to draw the attention of a dev to the bug. If you delete it without getting a response to the status of the error, I will repost this post. Bug 1: Your calendar does not work, especially not for guilds transferred from the FS Legion to the FS-BFA. If you want screenshots, see the bug tracker reports you deleted. Bug2: The Visioin of Madness in the fight against Mythrax should have a longer CD time, after they got interrupted. As you can see here at 5:03min. Count the time from the interrupt till the add starts to cast again. Thank you server for your attention. Neosilver
  11. guild

    Wir haben unsere Gruppenfotos von den Bosskills nicht gemacht
  12. Hi, perhaps is a workaround for this problem is the "print screen" button on your keyboard after you have turned around the camera. :-) best regards Nesilver
  13. Wie kommt es eigentlich, dass wir keinen Forumsabschnitt für Sethraliss haben? Die anderen Server sind ja auch vorhanden oder lohnt der Aufwand einfach nicht? Ach ja, wie haben sich so die übrrigen deutschen Gilde so auf BFA eingelebt? Gibt es schon größere Veränderungen? Auf der Seite der Allianz gibt es zwei deutsche Gilden(Orden von Azeroth und Furchtlos) und eine weitere english/deutsche Gilde(Venom of the Scorpion), die verstärkt auch Werbung machen im World_en usw. Laut FS-Armory soll es auch noch weitere deutsche Gilden geben, wie den Smaragdgrüne Orden aber inwiefern diese aktiv sind, weiß ich nicht. Sofern ich mich täusche, bitte einfach eben widersprechen und die Dinge richtig stellen. :-) Wie läuft es so auf der Seite der Horde? Wie entwickelt sich dort die Gildenlandschaft? LG Neo
  14. Hi Selera, Furchtlos ist nach BFA auf die Allly Seite gewechselt und soweit ich weiß gibt es auch noch eine weitere deutsche Gilde mit dem Namen Orden von Azeroth. LG Neo