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  1. Raids: 1) EN nm & HC 7/7 2) ToV nm 3/3 3) NH nm 10/10 & HC 1/10 4) ToS nm 3/9 Update: ToS HC 1/9
  2. In my opinion, they should tell us as fast as possible what they have done to the game to improve it. Because I don't like to test every old Item to see if something has changed. Or respec my talents to make sure, that no new bug has appeard. And futher more you can not do "screenshots" for evidence if there is no message about what will be changed. So the "restoring" option from a GM is killed by the Server Rules. Thinnk about it Inveric, we both have to talk about that "Server Rule". sincerly Neosilver
  3. Raids: 1) EN nm & HC 7/7 2) ToV nm 3/3 3) NH nm 9/10 4) ToS nm 3/9 Update: NH nm 10/10 -clear-
  4. I would like to admit a bug in the fight with Star Augur Etraeus. The Debuff you will get from the green AoE: Felflame stack ups to fast. In the second you dropp the Fel AOE you will geht instandly the first debuff. You don't have the time to get out of the AoE with out a stacked Debuff. And on top of that, its to much grenn AoE in a Raid with 15 ppl.
  5. Thank you for making it possible to fight againt Elisande!
  6. Hello, I'm writing that topic to put attention to a very bad bug on this server. I talk about the items you can use in Legion to switch between your professions without losing your recipes. I made a mistake and used: Forgotten Plans of the Broken Isles and Forgotten Formulas of the Broken Isles. And as a result of that I got not my Enchantment or my blacksmithing back as it was before. I just lost all my recipes. And for all the bugtracker lover on the server here is my Report. Further more I want my Enchanting profession back to the state of the 17.6.18 as it was before I used your broken buged Item. At least you could create a topic on the forum and warn about that Item! Or other untested items that are related to the professions. And I am very serious about that bug. I will repost that topic again and again untill you get that problem fixed. And restored my profession. sincerly Neosilver