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  1. The negative part of that will be, that you will demage the economy of the Server. You will need less help from other Player to get what you need. On the other side you are free to create your next char to do the professions you need. So it is no need for that option. best regards neosilver.
  2. Because it is his account and he would like to have the power to decide by himself, if some "can have" that account or not. Or can have the Char on that Account or not. It's simply as it sounds. You can delete your FB-Account too. So why not that account? Have you ever heard about the right to be forgotten? Here some links to that right that violation could follow in to a sue. https://gdpr-info.eu/issues/right-to-be-forgotten/ (is in english) https://www.datenschutz-grundverordnung.eu/grundverordnung/art-17-ds-gvo/ ( is in german language) or try Wikki to get superficial information by searching for the "right to be forgotten". best regards Neosilver
  3. Hello Eldron, The highest melee dps are the following classes (not in a particular order): Monk (DPS), Druid (Cat), DK (Frost). That's all I know at the moment. In some fights a Retri was seen on the frist Rank on a DPS-Meter in a Raidboss fight. But that was because of lucky procs, death of other Raid members so thier DPS got dropped down and the Retri got boosted by Retribution. And that reasons can go on and on. As a Retri DPS you are most of the time in the middle of a raid DPS ranking. You're doing stable DPS, but not as high DPS as one of the classes I mentioned in the post above. But it could be that my opinion is wrong becaus I don't have all Retri legendaries and specially not the ring that give you the talent Divine Purpose for free. That's all I can say so far. best regards Neosilver
  4. Hello Alan, why doesn't exsit such a service? Shouldn't it be a peace of cake to add that option to the Account panel? LG Neo
  5. Hello everybody, How's it going? I wanted to mention that the server has been down at least every 1 minute for the last 15 minutes. So does anyone know what the reason is? Did the FS stuff say anything on discorde? br Neosilver
  6. simply up! Nothing else to say
  7. Hello gamer, I did some research what the OP should do first before he started the same topic again. Here are my results and all the arguments that the Forum of Sylvanas has produced. 1)Post about PvE- cross faction: The main argument of that post was: The population of Sylvanas ist okay. So we don't need a cross faction. The scond agrument goes to PvP: "you cannot queue battlegrounds with the other enemy faction" 2)Post about PvP- cross faction: The main argument of that post was: BG is a battle between the two faction and that is all. But a Mercenary mode like http://www.wowhead.com/guides/pvp/mercenary-mode was on the table. 3)Post about PvP and PvE corss faction: Here was an big discussion with many good arguments. But in the End: best regards Neosilver
  8. Hello, yesterday we had a nice raid on ToS -normal- even with the short server down. That short things are circumstances you have to deal with on a pirvate server. We did the best of it and went to the frist three bosses of ToS -heroic-, after the server got back online. So all in all we killed only 7 of 9 Bosses on ToS -normal- and 2 of 9 on ToS -heroic- with only one try for each boss, yesterday. But we will see if can pass the other three remaining bosses on ToS -normal- on tuesday ;-) May the loot luck be with you !
  9. Hello Superjami22, try to use the search option: You will find this: br Neosilver p.s. From my Paladin, I can say the time between the legendary drops is 1 month. So at the End of a Month I get my Legendary. But that is just the case for my Paladin.
  10. And now we have a new front picture on our HP ! It looks good! :-) https://furchtlos.shivtr.com And it was a pleasure to run the Raid with you ! br Neosilver
  11. Hello Osyeris, befor you write something in the world_en pls take a look at this: And i could imagine that you got kicked from the Channel for the following reason: Excessive use of capitalization in world / staff chat: Examples: Any excessive use of capitalization repeatedly. (i.e WTS ROYAL SATCHEL WHISPER ME 10K and then one minute later WTS ROYAL SATCHEL WHISPER ME 10K). Punishments: First Offense (Warning): Channel kick. Second Offense: 10 minute mute. Third Offense: 30 minute mute. More than three offenses: 1 hour mute. To avoid further problems with the World_en channel OR the server, you should take a look at the rules of the server. Maybe your motivation was right and it was a good will to announce this player as a ninja looter, but you better check the server rules to avoid kick issuse and blaming others for your own fault. best regards Neosilver
  12. Hallo Neledarling und willkommen auf Firestorm :-)
  13. Hi, what went wrong today ?
  14. Hello everyone, last sunday we went to ToS Normal and guess what happend? Right the Door bug showed up. I thought at least one dev uploaded a fix for that bug. But I would like to mention the help of the GM Furbold. He/she opend the door and help us to continue, so we could kill the desolate Host. On this point the whole guild raid wants to thank the GM Furbold for his/her quick reaction and for not leaving the Raid, instead he/she offered to stay and watch the fight so we could get help from him/her in case the door doesn't open again after a wipe. That was a well done job from that GM, where quality and expactations met. Best regards Neosilver
  15. Hallo Tomzilla, hier mal zwei Links, vllt. helfen diese dir.