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  1. Hi, to make it short: Furchtlos is looking for german speaking People at the age of 22+ We are Looking for all classes, except Death Knights ! We are doing nh, hc & myth Dungeons and Raids: EN normal 5/7, LFR 7/7. You should have some WoW-exp and don't be to shy for Teamspeak. For more Informations look at :http://www.furchtlos.shivtr.com/forums Best regards Neosilver
  2. Are you sure, that this will work? I thought, that is a "normal" bug on FS an will not be solved by a GM. @ Matt I would like to know if you got help form a GM and how he helped you. best regards Neosilver
  3. Hello everyone, on our last NH Raid we had 19 raiders and it was a nice evening. Maybe one day the MM mode will be available for us ;-) We wish all good loot and have fun
  4. I don't talk about low ranked bugs but bugs that make a boss fight impossible to win! If Blizzard have bugs, they fix them faster then FS does it. How is it possible that you only have 12 posts then? Didn't want to participate in the ongoing discussions that have been going on for a whole year? Or was the server not so important to you? Or maybe you went off from the server for a very long time? It just makes me think, that is all.
  5. Up up to the top ! To draw the attention of new german speaking gamer on Sylvanas. :-)
  6. They'll set up Boris again. For new Player and some old. And on top of it, they want to release BfA.
  7. New content for a long time? Content which you can not play because of critical bugs? Bosses will not work like they should. And what will you do in the mean time? Start a new project even the last one isn't really completed? And here again you show as a DEV the quality of your whole project. How about the follwoing friendyl advise: Finish one project and then start a new one! The biggest part of the Sylvanas comuinity want quaility and not quantities. Not pay to get a working profession, Not pay to win, Not pay to play BUT free to play, donate to support, report to get fixes. sincerly Neosiver
  8. To make sure that your post alone is not deleted, I quote it ;-) In reference to that what you have written, I would like to say that you have good examples about inaccurate announcements. But in the end we will dugde them not for that was what they say, but what they do or not do. In the end, the quality of the provision of your server service will show us the result. best regardes Neosilver
  9. Yes, that sounds really good to me !
  10. Raids: 1) EN nm & HC 7/7 2) ToV nm 3/3 3) NH nm 10/10 & HC 7/10 4) ToS nm 4/9 & HC 2/9 Update: ToS nm 5/9 It was a pleasure to play with all the old and new raid members. We have counted 16 raider at our last raid on Sunday :-)
  11. I feel your pain. But thier answer will be: 1) Pls write in the bug tracker 2) Ignor your post at the Forum 3) They will do more advertisment for "new" Loot Boxes. br Neosilver
  12. But true and based on facts.
  13. Up and alive ^^ Mal schauen wie unser Raid am So. so wird. Ich hoffe die Dev's haben was am Dirtten Boss von ToS auf HC, was gemacht. LG Neo
  14. Hi Xinon104, startest du das Spiel über den Firestorm-launcher? LG Neo
  15. Hello blacksmiths, I have to show you some facts about that Profession right now. 1) The Quest for the crafting legendery for bs is not working. You will not get the hammer at all. 2) You can not get Skilllevel 800 right now by creating the Deamonsteal Armor. 3) You can get Skilllevel 800 by buying it from the Shop. (That is not the way it should work and I will not do or recomand to do it, because of fact Nr.1) And on top of that see that post about professions: Legendary Armorcrafter's Commendation will be available if you have constructed the Nether Disruptor Building. Fixed and scripted Fashion History and a Philosophy of Style. Fixed and scripted the following blacksmithing quests; The Legend of the Four Hammers The Godfighter The Dragonhunter The Hellslayer Armor of the Ancients Hammer of Forgotten Heroes So all in all, they are fuck the BS profession.
  16. I think you need to have Skill 800 to start the Quest. But I only have 780 and can't do anything to push it higher.
  17. Hello Inveric and the whole server, in relation to : Paypal, Gift Cards and Shop Update You simply know that the whole anti bad luck protaction System of the Server is a big mess, when you read: "Legendary Lootbox: You will have a one hundred percent chance of receiving a legendary." Come on, Devs, you better work on this system. Moreover, it sounds for me like a distrust of the abilities of the Devs working on this system. Between the lines Inverics says : Okay guys, our devs can't make the anti-bath luck system work and many people are angry about it, so let's solve this not with programming improvements but with money. Or even better: "Tomb of Sargeras - Lootbox: A new lootbox with a base item level of 905 (only the first five bosses and trash drops)." <- The first five Bosses are our courrent raid content. Why not sell gear from Antorus for 50 Euro/ Pesos/ Rubel/ Dollar for each item?! Just pay to win. In the future you will search the World_en channel for people for mm+ Dungeon, with words like: "LFM 1 Tank, 1 Healing and 2DPS for mm+ 10 or more, Ilvl Playtime 2 months or more and know your character". sincerly Neosilver
  18. Let's do a quick review on ToS so far: On normal mode: Atrigan don't work right. You can get lock out from the whole Boss room. And you'll not beable to open the closed door. // Report already at the bugtracker. On heroic mode: Herrin Sassz'ine is not payable ! Nice GG // Report already at the Bugtracker Atrigan the boss Add at the basement doesn't do any dmg to the player inside his cave. GG If you do Server first: "very fight", "much competition","WoW". And now... You decide !
  19. Raids: 1) EN nm & HC 7/7 2) ToV nm 3/3 3) NH nm 10/10 & HC 7/10 4) ToS nm 3/9 & HC 1/9 Update: ToS nm 4/9 ToS HC 2/9 Guess what kept us away to do 5/9 on ToS nm,a Door Bug!! Report is already on the tracker. And what do you thing kept us away from doing Mistress Sassz'ine and clear 3/9 ? Yes again a fucking bug !! Report already on the tracker.
  20. At the first few months on this server I had the Idea to spend money on it, to keep it growing. But before that I said to myself:"Wait and see what will happend in the next 3 Months". And than they brought thier frist "pay to win" option: The Loot Box. Back in that times I worte against that business model. And lots of gamers on this server had the same opinnion as I. At this time I lost the interesst to support the Server with money. Nowadays the next business model went to "full pay to win" and above to "pay to play" if you consider the profession problems. If I look at developing progress of this business model, I will react with boykot. No money for Fs. Futher more, ppl with full 940 Ilvl don't need to do raids or so. The Content is dead for now. And consider this, if you already payed 35€ for one 940Ilvl you could play on retail instead for a very long time. You could play bug free and could enjoy even the latest content of Legion. You earn what you sow Neosilver
  21. Hi Inveric, one of my guildmember had the following Idea: A GM will fix individual bugs for player, that pay for it ! Sounds nice right? You can sell that service for 35€. $_$ And if a gamer has more than 1 Char you can give a discount and set the price to 34,99€. Credits to Rawrpwnzl sincerly Neosilver
  22. Raids: 1) EN nm & HC 7/7 2) ToV nm 3/3 3) NH nm 10/10 & HC 1/10 4) ToS nm 3/9 & HC 1/9 Update: NH HC 7/10 If Star Augur Etraeus would work right and without the bug, that Fell stacks up to fast, we would have killed him too.
  23. It's just one of the bigger Bugs on the Server right now.
  24. Inveric? Are you up? ^^ Tell us something about these NEW things and I will tell you some news about your server. And by news I mean bugs. So let's both compare your news with the bugs and by bugs I mean the hardcore bugs. I will start: 1) New Bug: Spells are NOW missing ! That should simply NOT be the case! 2) MoS second Boss. To much AoE Fields. On mm+11 no chance. 3) NH nm and HC :Etraeus the AOE effekt should no apply so fast so much Debuffs ( http://de.wowhead.com/spell=206398/teufelsflamme) br Neosilver
  25. I'd like an answer from Inveric about our opinion.