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  1. it works for me fine
  2. Talked ingame to some gm and he told me i cant do anything there gotta forward this ticket to some higher gm rank, and bough item and 2 mins later cant even xmog it and when i click on colections it says visit xmog npc to mog that item lol, bad luck
  3. Doesnt help anythin lol
  4. anyone has problem with items missin for xmog?
  5. its goin to be wipe just like on molten wow fire - down lol
  6. just count 100 fps 10€ with " no luck "
  7. And if u get any item its goin to be 860 or 865 lol
  8. got even ss from one member from Propechy guild who told me " admins tellin us to not buying those loot boxes they nerfed its loot chances
  9. yep just stoped, when i get my main account unbanned which is 5 months already on pernament bann for bullsh1t ill continue playin even paying for this server like i did, whats the point in playin anymore spent 1 year on account to get perma bann for " sellin acc for irl money or fs points for fun " and get reported, everyone knows it was for fun, why didnt they do ss from earlier chat on world_en lol
  10. They nerfed drops from loot box opened yesterday 18x spent 2.2k points and got 3 parts 875ivl nothing else,they didnt even told that the chance to drop another lego or titan forged item is nerfed af lol
  11. Thays why i stoped to play mm+ bugstorm nothing else
  12. Already twice losy lego drop that way bugstorm fuck it bro
  13. it's all about that glitch for loyaliti points some abused on greymane realm
  14. Would remove even that pres1 pvp lvl
  15. There is some way, do pvp