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  1. my migration request keeps gettin denied despite entering the correct details please says wrong level or trying to transfer from wow freakz and their usernames arent case sensitive cuz blaze2fire,Blaze2fire and BLAZE2FIRE are all correct
  2. Title: Runed Soulsaber for frost dks Type: In-game Description:  I had already made a suggestion for this but no reply came.It would be nice if you mailed the to all dks just like Blizzard did or include it in the dk quest so that when starting a frost dk we wont have any problems.And dont forget to add it to the dk vendor since we get only one blade from the quest.If not use some other way to give 1 extra blade but please implement this ingame.
  3. Title: Demon hunter questline Type: Website Description:  It would be good if you complete the 2nd part of the demon hunter questline once and for all and then focus on other stuff
  4. what about the second part of the demon hunter questline?is it working?
  5. thanks everyone!looking forward to levelling to 110
  6. is this accurate?
  7. Thanks for the reply,I am definitely gonna join firestorm 😉😀
  8. When will emerald nightmare get released?monster wow already has it :Pit doesnt matter to me cuz still downloading the game but just asking
  9. are you sure?