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  1. Nop....This quest is bugged for almost a year and they didn't fix it yet.Makes me think why im still playng here if they don't even bother fixing a scenario quest.
  2. How is this suposed to work?It teleports you at the 1 st floor....every time i want to get there is use this spell and as i said there aren't any mobs...
  3. Saddly i already reported on the bug tracker and nobody bothered to look at it and this quest was already reported like 2 months ago and still isn't solved..
  4. Well in short,I can't find any mobs to do the quest.The NPC is located at the 2 nd floor and the mobs im suposed to kill are also located in that floor but aperantely there aren't any enemy mobs....I checked the quest and im suposed to take the quest at the First floor then teleport at the 2 and there the mobs are pressent.I don't know if its a bug or something with my game files but im stuck at this quest and i have no idea what should i do.