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  1. Title: Legion - Class Forums & List of CMs Type: Forums Description:  Two suggestions: Class specific subforums for Legion. We currently only have one for Demon Hunters. Ideally, each subforum should be maintained by the CMs. A list of current CMs. There is, but there's no way to see which class they represent at a glance. Also regarding CMs: make them expansion specific.
  2. Ok. Just ran some numbers. Damage scaling from Arcane Charges is working fine.
  3. I didn't run the numbers, but I haven't noticed any scaling issues with mastery though. Will test.
  4. Well, ST matters too. Also Quickening for Arcane Missiles and Arcane Explosion got fixed (1 stack per cast).
  5. Alright. Makes sense. Didn't know specific queue actually worked. Time to chain-queue WSG then
  6. The problem is the current system allows 40 vs 20 AVs to start. That's not how it's supposed to work. It should start with X people on each side and allowing more people in whenever people on the lower populated side entered the BG. For example. 40 Alliance players in queue, 20 Horde. AV starts 20 vs 20. All Horde are in. 20 Alliance waiting. Whenever 1 additional Horde joins. One Alliance player is allowed in. Etc. And yes, it also seems like whenever there are 40+ players in queue, BG system will queue up an AV instead of selecting a BG at random.
  7. Few additional notes from my experience so far with arcane: Nether Tempest does scale with Arcane Charges. I don't know if it's actually a DPS loss on ST though (seems like it). I recommend you get *some* Haste. Going full out Mastery will leave your Haste gimped and you will have a lot of ramp up time. You won't always have Quickening up. Currently sitting at around 10% Haste.. Crit has a slight edge over versatility since you get slightly more % point for point. So I'd rate stat priority: Intellect > Mastery > Crit >= Versatility > Haste
  8. Lol, that's not how it works.
  9. Thanks for all the answers guys!
  10. Playing Arcane right now, it's good fun. Only downside about Arcane is the slow ramp up time, but once you get going, things get crazy. Some questions: How does Versatility compare to Crit? I've seen a stat priority somewhere (retail) that prioritized Versatility over Crit. Arcane Familiar is not taken because it's broken here, right? Currently using Nether Tempest, but the damage right now feels quite weak. How do Unstable Magic and Erosion compare? Didn't try them yet. I noticed Arcane Explosion gives Quickening stacks for each target it hits, is that supposed to be that way? Seems kinda OP. ...and finally...Arcane seems an odd ability. The only time I use it is to drop Quickening stacks if I can't sustain with mana, It has always been a staple of the Arcane Mage as far as I know, but don't really see the point of it in Legion. Thoughts? Keep outdpsing them fire mages boys! PEW PEW!