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  1. Gj standing in all of the shit you are not suppose to
  2. then i dont want to see ''NEED ALL [Mythic Keystone]'' in the chat all the time. We got the LFG system for a reason dont we? its a another story if ppl ask in guildchat like that, but in worldchat we could have it cleaner and dont have to treat it like the LFG system.
  3. no its not, its a folder that sometimes buggs and need to be deleted at times to make it work as it should.
  4. hello there Subiect, Outlaw is the most fun maybe yes, but its not worth playing if you want to be on the logs and actually raid. their dmg is low and its pretty much the worst spec of them all, if you like it and go diehard for it sure give it a shot. In this patch we are in, Assa rogue is the strongest for PvE. Next patch Sub going to be much better if not the best for PvE. dont forget to play what you enjoy beacause thats all that matters.
  5. Hello there. i wonder if theres any chance to fix a bug. You get sent to a blue screen unable to do anything. This appear to occur when you go down to sewers or going up from sewers. pls look into this.