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  1. No more boris please 😂
  2. First of all lmfao at all these comments what a butt hurt loser, second of all you but legendaries is so stupid not only does it not make you shit players good (it won’t your still shit if your shit regardless) but they shouldn’t add yet another pay to win mechanic of such, go spend money on lootbox and hope for a lego like how the game should work if you really wanna P2w that bad xDDD
  3. Character Name: Mattytorbbs Issues: Legion Operating System: Windows 7 How was your game downloaded?: Launcher Describe your problem: After completing the quest the victors spoils for prestige 2 skin the achievement and the item for the artifact appearence was never unlocked, i go to open a ticket and then it says error updating gm ticket. I AM using firestorm launcher updated 64 bit all that jazz, either way the main issue is not getting the pvp skin unlock which took so long to get, please can someone open a ticket in game with me or help =//
  4. relog is always the answer, oh dont forget to clear cache
  5. Lol wow isn't a grind game he says.....
  6. All of the world bosses after the second hotfix now drop no loot, and withered j'im is spawning every minute or so he started with 1 and worked up to atleast 15 diff spawns as seen in the pictures, calimitous also didnt drop loot after the fix