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  1. As of 30/16/2018 i can confirme arcane missiles is working as intended
  2. i couldn't find the bug report ill report it again here is the link to the new report:
  3. hello @zerokzerok i already reported this to the bugtracker still waiting . i hope backdraft gets fixed i have a warlock too
  4. the spell arcane missiles is not working correctly as of patch 7.3.5 the spell procs you gain a stack and it starts counting down from 20 each time you gain a stack the cd refrshes and starts counting down from 20 again when you have 3 stacks (cap) and you use one on lets say 10s the cd refreshes and you have now 2 stacks and its counting from 20 again this doesn't happen so we lose all satcks when the cd is over (even if you use one it keeps counting down from the first proc) arcane missiles is the dps spell for arcane mages and to max the dps you should have a stack at all times with this bug we are forced to use all of our mana to get more procs because we keep losing them i hope it gets fixed soon thank you link to the spell and its changelog (from 7.1.5 to 7.2 it was just buffed so it should work that way in retail ):
  5. thank you for the effort even if your early game content is kinda buggy the end game content is almost perfect! so thank you
  6. no info yet
  7. i hope its class hall fix or suramar