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  1. I took a break lately thus no key for me sadly but yeah I'm looking forward a bfa lock so much...
  2. It already is opened
  3. @Remolkeman Good to have you back as a lock QA, any recent news about BFA locks in general ?
  4. LFR doesnt count, we are talking about real raiding
  5. Is destro viable in 7.3.5 ?
  6. Link achievments and we might reconsider your offer.
  7. They do, just don't drop the quest item.
  8. Our hidden skin drops from the mobs in aszuna, but aint scripted yet. It's not as awesome tho ;D
  9. Confirmed, I can see all the npcs now.
  10. Anyway, whats the reason to delete the server, I like it
  11. Absolutely not.
  12. Confirmed, pretty nuts
  13. Not yet I'm guessing.
  14. It already is if you know how to use it
  15. @Remolkeman Whats your haste % on destro spec, around 30% ?