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  1. How long should i wait? 2 months are enought i mean
  2. Can anyone reply me at least? What i should do??? No response is worst.
  3. Yes i think so but who and when????? I am writting tickets ingame everytime i am ingame. No response... What i should do now?
  4. Hello, i still dont have my archeivement or appereance.. Can you even help me? Becasue gacob said after crash or restart FIX will be deployed...
  5. Please tell me how this "fix" will look because i still ahve nothing. Server crashed down...
  6. Cyti thank you for reply. I tryied this way but still no response for ingame ticket... noone answering me. One GM started chat with me but he said wait a minute and after 15 minutes waiting he closed chat... So i got bad feelings about this ...
  7. Hello, i am writting here because i have no response on bugtracker.... completed Quest series for Balance of power. When i completed last Quest when i should get a rewards : archievement, Artifact power and Artifact appereance i get only AP. No cinematics no archievement only item with Artifact power. I saved this item which is dropping only from this Quest like a proof... Can i get my rewards?
  8. Hello, i am writting on bugtracker or on shop support more then month. I still dont have any answers for my topics or any solutions. Server is crashing downor restarting we dont know whats going on. Any change log list or list of fixes... What i should do when i got problems and nobody is answering me. Gms ingmae are telling me that they cant do anything. SO WHAT NOW??? When i pay for something i literally waste my money when i dont get what i bought... Please wake up. Thanks
  9. Ofc i downloaded full torrent version from FS website. I run game withou any FS launcher.
  10. Hello, i just want to ask if somebody have problems with FPS or grpahics settings. While i was plazing on 7.1.5 i was playing on high / ultra settings and gotta about 90 / 100 FPS but after upgrading to 7.3.5 i got everything on Fair / low settings and my FPS are about 20 / 30 ? Something changed or i dont know why? I got new PC , i7 nvidia 1080 TI etc... If somebody can help me resolve my problem it would be great. Thanks
  11. You are trying to log in to 7.3.5. conteon with 7.1.5 client. Update it first then try to log in
  12. Hello, same problem here. I tried everything. I always have to do all my setting. I cant tell you all my settings bcs thats a lot. Like all ultra, highest resolution, shadows high filtering triple etc... can you help me please? Or give me another help like i can save that pls. Thanks
  13. Bug

    Hello, In last days whatever i wanna do i cant... dungeons are bugged. HOV is not playable bosses bugged in EOA last boss was flying and dealing dmg as hell etc. So what i can do? Wq and pvp? 1 weekly EN? Traits on shaman are bugged. Thanks a lot ...
  14. her copy is flying around. find her and she complete quest
  15. i am funny? u think that 8k golds is normal payment for T-mog? if i pay 300g i am not posting topic... dont be pathetic