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  1. Dk class hall is bugged at all.. and noone is doing nothing. Main case is migration right now.. .
  2. Ofc i downloaded full torrent version from FS website. I run game withou any FS launcher.
  3. Hello, i just want to ask if somebody have problems with FPS or grpahics settings. While i was plazing on 7.1.5 i was playing on high / ultra settings and gotta about 90 / 100 FPS but after upgrading to 7.3.5 i got everything on Fair / low settings and my FPS are about 20 / 30 ? Something changed or i dont know why? I got new PC , i7 nvidia 1080 TI etc... If somebody can help me resolve my problem it would be great. Thanks
  4. You are trying to log in to 7.3.5. conteon with 7.1.5 client. Update it first then try to log in
  5. Hello, same problem here. I tried everything. I always have to do all my setting. I cant tell you all my settings bcs thats a lot. Like all ultra, highest resolution, shadows high filtering triple etc... can you help me please? Or give me another help like i can save that pls. Thanks
  6. Bug

    Hello, In last days whatever i wanna do i cant... dungeons are bugged. HOV is not playable bosses bugged in EOA last boss was flying and dealing dmg as hell etc. So what i can do? Wq and pvp? 1 weekly EN? Traits on shaman are bugged. Thanks a lot ...
  7. her copy is flying around. find her and she complete quest
  8. i am funny? u think that 8k golds is normal payment for T-mog? if i pay 300g i am not posting topic... dont be pathetic
  9. this mount got originally abou 1% drop and here it is 100%. and u are taking topic for no globaly using? lol. dont be lazy
  10. guys the total price was showing abou 200g. when i apply it take from me about 8k. its not normal. thats why i am writting here. and i goota problems with transmogrification globaly.
  11. hello i was having trouble with applying transmog. then i finnaly applied it but it cost 8k golds. i don't have lot of gold and paying 8k for transmog is too many for me. can i refund it or help me somehow pls?
  12. And managing proffesions in shop will be possible pls??? And pls what about spirit of eche'ro from archeaology is gettable pls? Thanks a lot.
  13. Hello, I would like to ask if any proffession is working here? And if that would be possible to manage it in shop. Thank you
  14. Hello, I would like to ask if i can transfer my firestorm coins to another acc (my gf). Next question is if i can tranfer character. On legion. Thanks for replying
  15. Character Name: Arbree Issues: Legion Operating System: windovs 10 How was your game downloaded?: Torrent Describe your problem: Hello i got my WOW o my ntb and now i buyed new one. I copied client from torrent ad dowloaded launcher. Selected the way to the folder with game but when i want to start the game it appears big table with errors (screen included) . What i should do pls??