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  1. WTF is name of folder that you see in folder where you installed or download game.It should be for it. Once you download file from above link then copy it then paste it inside WTF folder and replace it
  2. i have problem of fetching CDN configuration file error while lunching.i tried downloaded full client and also minimal both saying same erroe at lunch. do you know any solution to this... can you send me 'config' folder located inside data folder of wow 7.3.5 folder.
  3. After you download full client did you tried to open without luncher by opening "Play Firestorm.exe" inside client folder.
  4. I downloaded full latest 7.3.5 client and it shows this error. I tried google it but i cant find solution. please help me . Thanks in advance
  5. I tried your way and game did run but it ran very slow like it takes long time to even set password and username at login screen and mouse clicks are so slow . At login screen background legion picture is not shown.please help any one i have full client legion.before batch 7.1.5 never had this problem.