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  2. I have to agree tho I don't think they can do much. A crash of a server means lost data depending on how to programmed it. But maybe they could set a system in place where the server saves states in the background or something for when the server crashes you will get a SMALL rollback but the key status saved.
  3. nordvpn

    I got a quick question, I am about to use NordVPN and basicly leave it on whenever I turn on the pc. However Ive heard some rumors Firestorm bans people for using vpn's? Is this true please be 100% certain cuz i dont wanna get banned. Thanks.
  4. Do more people have this issue where the AP bar on elvui just bugs out. It counts way too many ap and therefor it cannot be used
  5. Niet veel Nederlandse guilds te vinden maar denk dat er wel wat zijn, gwn in world_en vragen en dan krijg je wel antwoord
  6. goP
  7. Be polite on the forums, do not get urself banned and or get a strike. Anyway, the best way in certain scenario's is just to go trough every flightpoint on the map, normally there will be quests there to pickup.
  8. Read the post again, no u cannot
  9. And maybe add a buff when entering a raid so u cant die. The same was done back in Legion to test Nighthold to test all the bosses properly and dont have to have a big group.
  10. U can try deleting ur Cache folder in ur wow installation folder (where ur wow.exe is located). if that doesnt work try renaming ur WTF folder inside ur installation folder. (Name it something like -WTF or WTF-original) if that doesnt work u can try reinstalling the game and make sure u have to full client NOT the minimal one.
  11. They minimized fixing things on the 8.0.1 client now in order to work on the 8.2 patch, once 8.2 comes out at the end of the month bug fixes will be looked into much more frequently
  12. 1v1 me then
  13. Yea lets get it paladins are easy kite material
  14. 1v1 me sometime ingame, open space see what happens 😏
  15. You just have to wait a little way till ur pet spawns, dissmiss and call ur pet some time over and over again and it will spawn. Also make sure you have the first slot in ur stable a pet in place.