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  1. 1v1 me then
  2. Yea lets get it paladins are easy kite material
  3. 1v1 me sometime ingame, open space see what happens 😏
  4. You just have to wait a little way till ur pet spawns, dissmiss and call ur pet some time over and over again and it will spawn. Also make sure you have the first slot in ur stable a pet in place.
  5. +
  6. ah yes, forum drama
  7. gear

    Do some mm+ and once u hit 340 do some LFR uldir
  8. Tf are u saying, alliance has a good amount of people its far from a population wasteland
  9. Not all of them, some of the do
  10. First off welcome back! Second, the best way to get started is just to pick a class that u like the most. Dont go for the highest dps ones bc things change everytime anyway every patch. A good way to get started is to level up first get to 120, do the war campaign and most importantly: Learn ur class!! By looking up guides about rotation and gear etc u will have a much better experience and have a huge advantage over people who didnt take the time. Now if you REALLY need the best class for this patch, go for DKs, shaman or rogues. But just play what you like really. As for pve or pvp, I like pve the most bc it suits me better but u can play both.
  11. 1. BFA released on March 16th 2019 2. The numbers are real, u can check it ingame with /who 3. If you mean leveling xp rate, there is a x1 xp gain option, tough I wouldnt recommend it since some quests are bugged. Just set it to the highest amount and you will be fine.
  12. Thats normal. Island expeditions will come out soon, just wait for the next content patch when island expeditions releases then u will be able to progress further into the war campaign
  13. Highly doubt they will do it, its a pserver after all with a decent amount of people, they have to make money somehow to keep their services. If they give points back to people that means less people will buy new points.
  14. Please be more detailed in your post, gms cant work with very bad sentences. If your native language is different please make a post in that section
  15. Try deleting ur cache folder, maybe reinstalling the game. Also make sure u have atleast 1 70+ character