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  1. u have to understand FS doesnt have that many ppl that work there... ofc it takes time and u will have to wait end of it.
  2. Firestorm had a Classic server once. didnt last very long idk why
  3. Try reinstalling and uncheck all read onlys, and run it as administrator
  4. pls dont spam, read bug tracker
  5. If the given solution did not work, delete the whole game and make a folder named “World of Warcraft 7.3.5 - Firestorm” then, use the launcher to download the WHOLE game. Try pressing play when u got a error message just try again some more times. After the third time it somehow worked for me.
  6. This is indeed unacceptable and this needs to be fixed. Please read my post here:
  7. Dear developers, Today December 26th I discovered a huge nerf or bug with BM Hunters, I am 954 Item level with BIS legendary's and a powerful 970 trinket and 4 set antorus. Normally I will do about 1.6-1.7m dps on avarage on a target dummy. Now recently I tested again and I did 1.3m dps at best. Im hugely dissapointed that a player with this gear and item level is underperforming. I also looked into warcraft logs on BM hunters and how they perform and how they should perform on retail. (I will link it down the threat). U can look into my gear and recount. Bare in mind I did this test after the nerf and did 1.3m dps. My Gear: https://firestorm-servers.com/en/community/armory/6/12/930280 (Imortant) - Similar player from retail on Felhounds of Sargeras Antorus with similar ilvl. (Please bare in mind that this person used pots and flasks in this fight. On raw dps he would do around 1.7m dps roughly. https://www.warcraftlogs.com/reports/GRJjQkfXCVB78LpD#fight=31&type=damage-done&source=7 DPS AFTER NERF DPS BEFORE NERF *I did not have any screenshots myself before the nerf, this is the only screenshot my guild had. in this screen is shown 1.5m dps. 1.6m dps is my overall avarage dps The point is that in my opinion someone with this amount of gear should NOT do 1.3m dps at best. I think developers nerfed the class a bit too much and I understand it had to be nerfed. But not downing 300k dps. I would aappreciate if a GM will look into the report and take the time to go over it. Let's have a disscussion and upvote if u would like. Thanks in advance, Golee
  8. I also think this is unacceptable please read here
  9. if u want to play wow on better settings, defenitly go for a i7
  10. Yes u had to wait for a restart or crash, but a fix has released to solve this issue
  11. I have the same problem, the same thing happend to me a week ago. After a while I was able to log back in. Did you character bug my any case before relogging?
  12. just a small bug. 7.3.5 just released and Greymane is now playable. (Waiting for Sylvanas) however Greymane has this bug where everything on the minimap (in the corner) is black such as npc's arrows etc. dont know if it occurs on Sylvanas yet! thx
  13. NOTHING IS GONE! They just posted a threat and stated that no items in the database has been lost! They will be back in idk how long but dont worry
  14. Hi FS i tested the NH on normal till Krosus and here is what i found: The first picture of Anomaly is about that he casts "Power overwhelming" constantly, the castbar is suppose to go down but he casts it forever till he is killed. I couldnt add more pictures somehow.. First of Kornus There are 2 issus with Krosus. When is breaks the bridge he is suppose to stay at the edge of the bridge where it broke, instead he goes after the player who he is targeting, so he goes trough the bridge. Second of Kronus we almsot killed the boss but on circa 20m health left he resetted without a reason back with full health.
  15. Im playing on Alliance and recently the quest line for the hunters to change Hati's appearance doesnt work. You need some stuff to get in order to make the item to change Hati's appearance called "Essence Swapper" but from the "Stormcallers" an item won't drop and from the "Essence of pure Spirit" the mobs dont even spawn. I am on the second part called "parts delivered" and it is not complete. Would you guys look into it? Thank you! How the quest should go can you find here: